Build Your Booty: 8 Resistance Band Only Exercises!

Hey guys!

So two things I feel like we can all get behind are building a better booty and convenience…am I right? Thought so. Yeah, so today I’m going to share some of my favorite resistance band booty and leg exercises. Obviously these are super convenient because you can do them anywhere–all you need are the resistance bands! And as a little disclaimer before I get started..a FAQ I get is–can you film exercises to show us?! So the reason I don’t do this is because I am not a personal trainer and don’t feel 100% confident in my form. Like, I feel that there are much better people you can watch for how to perform an exercise correctly. So with that said, these photos are just how I go through and perform these exercises but feel free to search the exact exercise on Youtube to get a better idea of proper form. Also, a lot of these exercises came from the workout guide I’ve been following for the past two years–The Strong and Sexy Body Method (#2) by Paola! So below are some of my favorites from her guide and others that I’ve stumbled across that I really like. You can use a light, medium or heavy resistance band for each exercise depending on your fitness level and what feels best. Okay, let’s get started! (Ps. Outfit details, the resistance bands I’m using and discount codes can be found at end of post 🙂 )


1. Resistance Band Walking Lunges. I typically do 15 reps each leg for a total for 4 rounds. You can also add a kickback with each leg if you want!



2. Resistance Band Crawls Jack. I typically do 2o reps for a total for 4 rounds. Start with palms on the floor and feet slightly apart (as pictured below). Then you just extend your legs outward and back inward as shown below!



3.Resistance Band Donkey Kicks. Your basic donkey kick but just adding a resistance band! I do 20 reps each leg for a total of 4 rounds.



4. Resistance Band Seated Hip Abduction. With this exercise you would technically be sitting on a bench but since I didn’t have one, I just did a wall sit while doing the exercise–just a little extra burn! Basically you are just doing a hip abduction (moving your legs/hips in an inward and outward motion) but using a resistance band instead of a machine. I do 20 reps for a total for 4 rounds.



5. Squats with Resistance Band. Just your basic squat with a resistance band! Easy! I do 20 reps for a total for 4 rounds.



6. Resistance Band Glute Bridge. Here you’re just doing glute bridges but adding a resistance band (are you guys getting the theme here? Hahah). I do 20-30 reps for a total of 4 rounds.



7. Resistance Band Standing Kickbacks. For these, just balance yourself using a wall, doorway, chair (whatever!) and kick back each leg for 20 reps each for a total of 4 rounds.



8. Resistance Band Side Lying Leg Lift. Pretty self explanatory–just lay on your side and lift each leg up for 20 reps and a total for 4 rounds.

Aright guys, there you have it! I love all these exercises because they really do work your booty (and legs) and can literally be done anywhere. Resistance band exercises in general are great for when your traveling and going on vacation since they are so easy to pack.

Also, as promised outfit details!
-The leggings I am wearing are from Sculptique (code CLAIRE20 can be used on any of their products–including sale!) and can be found here. I also linked a bunch of their white leggings that I also love here.
-The sneakers I’m wearing are the Nike Roshe (a lot of sites have them on sale for less than $50!) I couldn’t find my exact color but linked some other options here and here.
-The exact bands I’m using at from Tone It Up and can be found here.
-The sports bra I’m wearing it from Stella McCartney x Adidas. I can’t find this exact one but linked some similar color options below along with the other post details and the self tanner I’m wearing here (use code CLAIRE30 on any FakeBake products–I’m wearing the coconut tanning serum here).

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