MINDSET | MOVEMENT | MACROS : Your Ultimate Guidebook


Claire Guentz is a ICU nurse, and fitness and lifestyle blogger who gracefully balances her influence by being both aspirational as well as relatable. This guidebook is a 32-page document which discusses in depth everything Claire has learned through her 5+ year journey into health and fitness. The guide covers how to set a fitness routine that works for your lifestyle. It explores the benefits of and exactly how-to count macros. The book also discusses mental health in wellness, and mindset topics from goal setting to consistency and motivation. It answers in detail all the most common questions Claire gets everyday about a healthy and fit lifestyle and counting macros!

This book is your guide for setting goals, staying motivated and learning tons of tips and tricks for how to count macros.

PS.  Bonus content includes 8 detailed workouts and step-by-step instructions for setting up and using the free macro counting app, My Fitness Pal.


XX, Claire

Claire also offers additional support in her Claire Guentz Community Facebook group

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