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Through helping people with their macros, I have found that meal planning can be a difficult step when starting out. That is why I want to help you get started with a personalized meal plan! This means I will personally plan out a weekly or monthly meal plan based around your macros. This will lay out all your meals and snacks each day that you need in order to hit your macros. The only thing you need to do is buy the groceries and prepare it!

So this is how it works :

  1. Send me your macros
  2. Let me know which foods you want on the plan and what you typically buy at the store. Also, make sure to let me know which foods you DON’T want on your plan
  3. That’s it!

I will then create your meals and snacks so that each day you perfectly hit your macros. This means no stress and no worries if you’re hitting your macros, all while having your favorite foods on the plan!

Personalized meal plans come in two packages. You can get a full week’s worth of meals planned out exactly to your macros for $69.95. That’s seven days of meals from breakfast to dinner with snacks in between to hit your macros.

If you’re wanting to save as much time as possible and really get the ball rolling, there is the full month personalized meal plan at $249.95. That includes 30 days of breakfast to dinner with snacks in between.

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Over time, you will become better acclimated to the types of food and portion sizes needed to hit your macros every day. These plans will make that easier with the guesswork taken out and all meals planned to fit your needs.

Whether you’re new to counting macros, or familiar with counting and want to eliminate the planning portion and save yourself some time, these plans are for you! Meal planning is crucial but can be time consuming and overwhelming (especially in the beginning) so let me do all the hard work and save you time and stress! I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

(There are no refunds once you receive your meal plans. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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