Skinny Jalapeño Watermelon Margaritas

Last night for Cinco de Mayo, we made (ahem, I made) the best margaritas! I found this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen, but wanted to share it with y’all here. These are super refreshing, surprisingly healthy (only 9g of sugar) and are the perfect drink now that it’s getting warmer out. I may switch out my glass of rosé for one of these babies more often! Also, full tutorial saved under my easy recipes highlight if you want to see it in action 😉

Okay, here’s what you’ll need: 

-Silver/blanco tequila (I love Casamigos)
-Limes or fresh lime juice
-Jalapeño (skip if you don’t like spicy)
-Salt or Chile lime seasoning (for the rim)

I make the watermelon juice first. Just put the watermelon (I’d say a 1-1.5 cups will make approx enough for 2 drinks) into my nutribullet with a splash of the lime juice. Then just blend until it has a juice-like consistency.

Then get a shaker with ice, and add everything into it. Below is what you’ll add for 1 margarita. Double it for 2 drinks! 

-1/4 cup tequila
-2 TBSP lime
-1/4 cup watermelon juice
-few slices jalapeño (optional)
-2 tsp agave

Before pouring your drink, go ahead and add the salt or Chile lime seasoning to the rim of your glass. Easiest way is to just add the salt onto a small plate, and then take a lime around the rim of the glass to “wet” it. Then just turn the glass upside down, and tap the rim against the salt until it’s coated enough for your liking!

Then pour your drink and feel free to add some extra jalapeño slices for some spice, and then you can garnish with a slice of lime or watermelon cube. Tag me on IG if you guys make these! You won’t regret it!! xxC


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