Where I Buy My Jewelry & Tips For Buying Pieces that Will Last

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Hey guys! Today I wanted to share my favorite places to buy jewelry from and what I look for in pieces when I’m buying. I would love to own more real (gold) pieces, but since those are obviously pricey, I try to look for pieces that don’t break the bank but will also last with everyday wear.

In general, if you’re not buying real gold, you want to look for pieces that are either gold filled or plated. Pieces made from gold vermeil are going to tarnish more quickly if you’re wearing them everyday. So anything that is gold vermeil, which is common in fashion/costume jewelry, you don’t want to wear to workout, shower, swimming etc. Gold filled or gold plated jewelry however is a little bit different. If you can choose between the two of them, gold filled will last longer and it said to not ever tarnish. So you can wear any of those pieces 24/7. Gold plated will definitely last longer than the gold vermeil, but from what I know within a couple years it has the ability to tarnish some. So these are just things that I think about when buying pieces.

Okay, onto where I shop the most for my jewelry!

Beads by Tara  Almost every bracelet I wear in my bracelet stack is from here. All their pieces are gold filled so you can wear them to shower, workout, etc. and don’t have to worry about them tarnishing. The only time I take off their jewelry is when I self-tan. Otherwise it stays on pretty much 24/7. I also feel like their prices are more reasonable for some pieces especially since you don’t have to worry about taking them off, tarnishing, etc.

Five & Two Jewelry  Really love this brand, especially for necklaces and more dainty earrings! They have such a good variety and love finding good pieces to layer from here.

Local Eclectic  This website has a mix of fine jewelry to pieces that are gold vermeil. So definitely a wide range in types of pieces and price points. I would say they have the most to choose from as far as variety goes. I have a lot of rings from here which I love. A lot of my rings are gold vermeil but I don’t like wearing them to workout or shower anyway, so I’m not too worried about them tarnishing.

Amazon  Honestly, some of my favorite pieces have come from Amazon! I linked all of them here, but they are great for finding necklaces and bracelets to layering/stacking for $15 or less. All my pieces from them are gold-plated and I don’t take them off to workout or shower, and I haven’t had any issues with tarnishing, etc.

Melinda Marie  This isn’t wear I buy the majority of my jewelry by any means –I’ve actually only ordered 2 pieces from here but I do love this ear cuff from them. I always get questions about it so wanted to include it!

Any place in particular that y’all shop frequently? Would love to hear of other spots! xxC

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