Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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I don’t know about you guys but my mom is so hard to shop for! Both my parents actually have never really been ones to say, “I would love ‘blank'” when you ask them what gift they would like. So with Mother’s Day coming up, my sisters and I have been wracking our brains to try and figure out what to get for her! I mean this is how it pretty much goes for any occasion–what do we get Mom?!

This Mother’s Day is particularly special. Earlier this year my mom’s mom passed away (my grandma), and so my sisters and I wanted to make sure that she felt extra loved! This can be really difficult when you don’t live in the same place and not near each other. For anyone living in the same area as their mom, I feel like spending time together is a great gift in itself. When you and your sisters are spread out all over the country though it definitely makes things more difficult!

One thing we always make sure to get my mom though is a card. I love writing card for my parent’s birthdays and for holiday’s like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. My parents have both done so much for me and I am so incredibly thankful for them so it’s nice to have designated days to show them that extra love. So yes, for my mom I always write her a heart-felt card. This is such an easy gift to give especially if your budget doesn’t allow for much. I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting handwritten cards or letters 🙂

Aside from spending time together and cards, I feel like moms out of anyone deserved to be pampered! I mean, my mom didn’t even start getting regular manicures until recently–she just doesn’t do those kind of things for herself! So even though my mom (and I’m sure mom’s in general) can be hard to shop for I feel like you can’t go wrong with giving gifts that make them feel beautiful and pampered.

I recently tried some of Macy’s fragrances and these would be a great gift idea to fit that. Having a great perfume just makes you feel good! I don’t know how else to describe it. I mean, who doesn’t want to smell great?! It may be something that your mom wouldn’t think of buying for herself, but I feel like it’s one of those things that once you have it you can’t envision yourself not using it everyday. I picked up the YSL Mon Paris fragrance at Macy’s and it smells so good! I also love the design of the bottle. I know that perfume can be difficult to pick out for someone since everyone has different preferences when it comes to scents, but I think that’s the fun part! Your mom can go to the store and sample the different scents and see which one she likes–and obviously you should go with her if possible! It’s a gift that any mom (or person) can use!

Other gift ideas that I love are spa days. My sisters and I have given everything from facials, massages, manis, pedis, etc! Another gift that you really can’t go wrong with. Other ideas are you could plan a lunch date at her favorite spot for you two, or for her and one of her girlfriend’s if you can’t go. Or maybe cook her dinner, or have someone come and clean the house for the day so it’s one less thing on her to-do list!

I know it can be hard sometimes picking out a gift but at the end of the day it is the thought that counts! I think that goes for any occasion 🙂 But! Hopefully these were some helpful ideas for Mother’s Day coming up! If you guys have any great gift ideas, share with us below! xx C

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