Experience Using Lash Boost: Before & After

Experience Using Lash Boost: Before & After

Hey guys!

So earlier this year I decided to have my fake eyelashes taken off *SIGH. I seriously loved those things–they make you look so glam all the time! It’s like you wake up and feel like a goddess–just sayin’. I decided to get them taken off though because I had them for about a year and decided to take a break (permanent or not, I’m not sure yet)! I had them taken off for a few reasons–the main catalyst was that my stylist left and started doing them from home and her house was like 45 minutes away from me. And honestly, I didn’t like how any of the other stylists did them. I know, I know. That may sound dramatic BUT I had been to several other stylists and none of them seemed to do as good of a job 🙁 Also, Stephen and I were in the process of buying a house and I didn’t feel like I needed to spend $70 a month on lashes. But let’s be real here, I definitely found other ways to spend that money–whoops! Lastly, I had been getting them for about a year and just felt like it was time to take a break.

When I first got my lashes taken off I was like OMG I LOOK LIKE A NAKED MOLE RAT!!! So not cute. My lashes were super short and stumpy haha, however, there weren’t any gaps or eyelashes missing so that was good! They were just super short. I decided to either start using latisse or lash boost. So I went to all of you on IG stories and asked what you preferred between the two and the majority of you guys said lash boost so that’s what I went with. I also liked that you didn’t need a prescription for lash boost–that I could just order it through a Rodan and Fields consultant. Below are some before pictures. Yes I’m not wearing makeup and I still look like a naked mole rat–DON’T JUDGE!!! LOL.

I started using lash boost and I was initially told that I would see results in 4-6 weeks–that definitely wasn’t the case. I feel like I really saw results more like 12 weeks in. Luckily one of my other friends had used lash boost and she was like it works really well but you just have to be patient; it definitely takes longer than a month to see results. So I kept using it and she was totally right! After about 12 weeks my lashes looked so much longer. I don’t know if lash boost really helped with fullness but they definitely lengthened. I also started using the better than sex mascara which I am now obsessed with. I tried it when my eyelashes were really short and didn’t see what the big hype was. I then retried it when my lashes had grown out and I feel like it’s much better than the other mascara I was using.

At this point, I probably haven’t used lash boost in several weeks. Prior to that I was using it consistently every night. I will probably start up again soon but since my lashes grew and got to a length I was happy with I just got lazy and stopped using it as much hehe. Even though I haven’t used it in several weeks I’ve still been getting tons of messages from you guys asking if my eyelashes are fake and the answer is no! It’s just the lash boost. Overall, my fake lashes were definitely more full and voluminous but the lash boost really did a good job of getting my lashes back to not only an acceptable length but probably longer than pre-lash extensions. Here are some photos with and without mascara after using Last Boost.

One other thing to touch on though. Apparently lash boost has the chemical isopropyl cloprostenate (a type of prostaglandin), which was excluded from their ingredient list when marketing their product (this is in medications that are used to treat glaucoma). Evidently this can cause side effects like change in eye color, vision impairment or loss, eyelash loss, etc. I also received a message from one girl over IG saying that her friend used it and got a lazy eye–and said that there had been other recent reports of this happening to other women too. This is why I was hesitant about using Latisse in the first place because it contains bimatoprost (another type of prostaglandin). I knew that this ingredient was using in glaucoma medications as well and because of this ingredient you needed a prescription for it. That all being said, I went with lash boost because it seemed like the “safer” option with less hassle of a prescription (and because you all said you liked it better than Lattise)! BUT now after this lawsuit came out, I have read that in order for your eyelashes to actually grow, your serum has to contain one of these prostaglandins. So, nothing wrong that lash boost has this chemical but seems like they were just super shady about not advertising it. The other lash products that don’t require a prescription like neuLASH for example, don’t have this ingredient. Apparently the ones without the prostaglandins may help condition your eyelashes which makes them appear heathier and fuller but won’t actually cause them to grow.

That all being said, I’m not really sure if I’ll continue using it or not. I mean, I know that there are side effects to every medication and obviously tons of women have used Latisse and Lash Boost and haven’t experienced these negative side effects but since this isn’t a medication that I really need for my health or well being lol, I’ll have to give it some thought! For now I’ll probably hold off, and then when my lashes go back to being stubs then I’ll have to reconsider LOL.

Part of me still misses my lash extensions and sometimes I debate going back to them–now I am thinking about it even more since all this came out with Lash Boost! But since I typically only wear mascara (or very minimal eye makeup) the lash extensions were great because I didn’t have to do my eye makeup at all. At the same time though, they are a monthly expense and sometimes it’s nice to just be able to wash your face/eyes at night and not worry about messing up your eyelashes. If you’re thinking of getting fake eyelashes though, you can read my post on that here.

For those of you that have had eyelash extensions which do you prefer? Falsies or natural? Any of you guys use lash boost or latisse?

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  1. Claire Guentz
    June 8, 2018 / 11:48 am

    yes for sure–everything has some risk to it! They were just shady about not disclosing what other products already have haha. But yes everyone says their tube lasts so much longer than initially recommended!

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