5 Ways to Reach Higher & Enhance Your Life

5 Ways to Reach Higher & Enhance Your Life

Hey guys! In today’s post I wanted to talk about five easy AND free ways to make your life more fulfilled! I started thinking about this topic thanks to my recent partnership with Secret Deodorant. Their message is all about encouraging women to reach higher in every aspect of their life whether it’s in their career, their personal life, how they take care of their body, and even products they use every day–like deodorant. As women, we have started to demand much more for ourselves, and Secret emphasizes the importance of doing that in every aspect of our life. So thanks to Secret Deodorant for supporting women and for partnering with me on this post. I will also say, aside from their brand message, their Secret Clinical Strength deodorant has been a great product that I’ve incorporated into my set of go-tos. It offers faster, extra effective protection, which is great because I know whether I’m working out at the gym, in high stress situations at the hospital, or just running errands in the already 90+ degree heat, I don’t have to worry if my deodorant is working! Would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a way to up your deodorant game 🙂

So when I started to think of ways that I’ve improved my life over the last couple years, five things in particular came to mind. So let’s get started!

  1. Stop caring what others think of you. If you take anything away from this blog post, please remember this tip. Okay, so, I have to say, I think taking a bunch of photos in pubic places has definitely helped with this one LOL. No, but really. As I’ve gotten older, I couldn’t care less of what others think of me. I mean, if I’m good with myself, my family and my closest friends than I’m good. Those are the people that truly matter, who are going to be there for me and support me. If I listened to negative messages on social media, or if I worried what people thought of me when I’m taking 50 photos in a restaurant, then I wouldn’t have the same life I have today–and I mean that! How many of us have not pursued something that we wanted because we were worried what others thought of us? In general, I think we are the hardest on ourselves–no one else is paying as much attention to ourselves as we are. But if they are, then that is their issue. A lot of times people who fixate on what others are doing and bring them down are just jealous or unhappy with their own life. I mean, do you want to look back and say, “I really wanted to do ‘X’ but at the time there was this person that thought it was stupid.” I don’t know about you, but my answer is no! You cannot please everyone and it’s not your job to. There will always be someone who has something negative to say or who will judge you, so you can’t let that stop you.
  2. Set goals for yourself! Setting goals is beneficial in a few ways. For me, I think setting goals helps me put into perspective what is truly important for me at the time–I know that by fulfilling whatever goal I set that it will enhance my life in some way. Maybe it’s something related to the gym or my eating habits and I know that it will improve my overall confidence. Or maybe it’s setting a professional goal in order for me to prove to myself that I am capable of taking things to the next level. Whatever it is, setting goals helps give your life a greater sense of purpose. You’re identifying what your priorities are at the time, and there’s no greater feeling when you’re adamantly working towards something that will add more value to your life. When you’re setting goals though, make sure they are SMART goals–specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time specific. I always write down my goals and make sure they fit these parameters. This way, you know that your goals are actually achievable. You don’t want to set an unrealistic goal for yourself–set yourself up for success!
  3. Make yourself a priority. No one wants to be called selfish, I get that! But it can be so easy to put others wants and needs before our own, and even turn into a people pleaser. And before you know it, you’re neglecting your own needs. I feel like one thing I’ve gotten much better at this year is putting myself first and doing things because I genuinely want to. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t try to be helpful to others! What I mean though is realize that it’s okay to say no. That it’s okay to put your needs ahead of others. Each week my main priorities are my health, my work, and my time with Stephen. If I end up having time for other things that week then great but if not it’s just the way it is. I used to feel guilty for not making time for other things or people but I just realize that I can’t do it all. I have to make myself a priority to a certain extent and know what I need to do for my mental and physical health.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone usually ends up being super rewarding but it’s hard to do! A lot of us don’t like change and are okay with the status quo as long as nothing is “wrong.” But typically when we push ourselves beyond what we are accustomed to is when we really grow as a person and see what we are capable of. I also think a lot of us don’t want to look stupid trying something new. I’ve learned that in the end you just have to do what works for you and not worry what others think. If it’s something you want to try, something you want to go for–then do it! The only person holding you back is yourself. And I get that sounds pretty cliche lol, but it’s true. It’s important to not let other things stand in our way of achieving what we truly want just because others may think it’s stupid, or because you don’t know how to do it. Everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone who is an expert at something was once a novice. So step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do those things that you’ve been wanting to try but have been too scared to. I promise, you will thank yourself later!
  5. Rid yourself of negativity. I feel like I’m a pretty positive person, but I’ll be honest–earlier this year I realized that some people on social media were bringing me down. Some of it caused by self-comparison. Some of it was seeing people in the health and fitness industry share beliefs about what they deemed healthy and that just didn’t align with me (it just really rubbed me the wrong way). These things were brining unnecessary negativity and frustration to my life. So I just unfollowed them–I was like, I don’t need to continue to expose myself to things that are not positive or enhancing my life. Now, I don’t think any of these people were trying to make me feel bad intentionally–but you know what? It doesn’t matter. That goes for anything–if something is not bringing positivity to your life drop it. It may be a friendship, a relationship, a job (obviously set up another job beforehand haha), a gym routine, etc. There is no reason that you should settle and not surround yourself with what truly fulfills your life.

Do you guys have any other tips to add to the list? Or is there one that really resonates with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Also, thank you again to Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post. If you guys haven’t tried their Clinical Strength deodorant you need to (especially with these summer months coming up!) I will link it here if you want to shop it at Walmart! xx C

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