Date Night: What to Wear To Look & Feel Good!

Date Night: What to Wear To Look & Feel Good!

Hey guys!

Today’s post is one I am really excited to share with you all ๐Ÿ™‚ Stephen and I got to share several looks for potential date nights with the help of Trunk Club’s Service. If you’re a regular around here, you know that I have used Trunk Club several times and absolutely love it. If you’re not familiar with the service though, I’ll give you all a quick recap of how it works and then dive into the date night outfits that our stylist put together for both Stephen and me!

Trunk Club is a service though Nordstrom where you work one on one with a stylist who curates a trunk of different looks for you based on an event, occasion, or just everyday real life because who doesn’t want to always look good? In the past I’ve tried their athleisure trunk and their spring stripes trunk. There are literally so many different types of trunks so choose from which is what I love–the service is so customizable! For example, there are seasonal trunks (think beach vacations), workwear staples (one of these trunks is called “Desk to Dinner” which is an amazing idea), 10 wardrobe essentials trunk, etc. Basically, any type of clothing you need there is a trunk for it! To start, you fill out a survey for what you’re looking for and then your stylist compiles a variety of items for you. You then preview your trunk (you can switch any items out at this point if you’d like) and then your trunk is sent to you. You then try on the items and keep whatever you like and send whatever else back. Disclaimer: I never want to send anything back! So, beware ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is a $25 stylist fee, but this fee goes towards any item(s) you keep, so as long as you keep 1 thing (and trust me, you will) then there’s no downside.

Okay, so onto Stephen and my trunk this time around! We both got trunks for date night and so the outfits were a variety of more casual to more dressy. I honestly don’t know if I could decide on what my favorite outfit was! Everything was so cute–some pieces were great staples while others were more out of the box and I loved that. It was a great variety. Also, a key to a good outfit is that you also FEEL good in it. There is nothing worse when something looks great on the hanger but you put it on and you just don’t feel great in it. I can honestly say that Heidi (our stylist) has done a great job of picking pieces that not only look great on the hanger but also fit great as well. I felt so comfortable in everything she sent and that is always so important! Now, as far as actual date nights go–Stephen and I try to have one at least once a week. We think it’s really important to always set aside time for each other and continually put in effort no matter how busy things get. It’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget that sometimes you have to make time for one another. Like, time to actually reconnect as opposed to both being in the same room watching tv or working on something. That being said–when we do go out, we are pretty regimented when it comes to what we do! I think we always go try a new restaurant and then go get dessert somewhere afters (usually ice cream haha). We’ve actually been to a total of TWO movies since we’ve been together. I feel like that is kind of crazy! What can I say though, we would really just rather spend our time talking over a good food and drinks ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you guys enjoy these looks and keep reading for Stephen’s review ๐Ÿ˜‰

My outfit: Shirt–Texture & Thread Tiered Tank by Madewell ($45); Jeans–Avedon Ultra Skinny Jeans by Citizens of Humanity ($198); Shoes–Knot Woven Mule by Topshop ($68); Earrings–India Drop Earrings by BaubleBar ($34).

As a side note, I recently discovered Citizens of Humanity jeans and guys, they are amazing! I know that they are more expensive but they are definitely worth the price point and the investment. Jeans are something you wear all the time (at least I do!) so I would really recommend trying this brand! That’s the great thing about Trunk Club, they pull pieces that are within my usual price point but they also include items that I may not necessarily look into on my own because of the price but once I’ve tried them in person I can see why they are worth it! This pink Madewell top was really flattering and such a great shade of pink! I also loved these mules from Topshop. They will literally go with anything and are super reasonable at $68. I wear my black mules all the time during fall and winter so I can I can definitely see myself wearing these white ones a lot this summer!

My outfit: Shirt– J.Crew Flutter Sleeve Wrap Top ($59.50); Jeans–Avedon Ultra Skinny Jeans by Citizens of Humanity ($198); Shoes–Knot Woven Mule by Topshop ($68). Earrings–India Drop Earrings by BaubleBar ($34).

This top from JCrew was another really flattering one! I loved the detail on the sleeves and the tie across the waist. I ended up wearing a size 12 and I usually wear size small in shirts.

Hey everyone! I hope some of you missed me, because I’m back in the saddle of guest blogging for today’s post to talk a little bit about my Trunk Club experience and dude style in general.

Now, I’ve always felt like I had a decent sense of style. My major rule for what to wear revolved around clothes fitting and not caring so much about design or logos. I am also ironically particular about what I wear despite not actually ever shopping for myself. To give some context, I pretty much stick to what I know in the clothes department. I know which stores carry things that fit me (Express, Banana Republic or any place that had slim fit for the tall gangly type) and never strayed too far from that. Enter Trunk Club. An opportunity I was lucky enough to be part of with Claire.

I had heard about Trunk Club but sort of shot my judgement beams at it thinking it was for guys who cared a little too much about how they looked. Why should I have to have trendy clothes to look good? I don’t have to conform! Well, like most judgmental outlooks with little to no information about the thing they’re judging; I was wrong. Getting Started: easy and intuitive. The Stylist: helpful and accurate. Shipping: quick and conveniently packed (also convenient for send back). The Clothes: On. Point.

Basically, I signed up on their website and answered some basic questions about what styles I like, what clothes I would like, colors I usually wear, colors I don’t wear, and other style basics. The stylist (in my case Heidi), then will take what you input and put together several looks that might work. You then review the contents of what the stylist will ship you and keep it all or replace a few (or all). For my trunk, I was going to receive a mix of what I would call “social casual – I’m not a bum” and “I’m an adult who knows how to dress myself”. These looks are a mix of trendy pants with short sleeve button ups and shorts along with nice slim fitted pants (amen!). The trunk even included a pair of shoes and Ray Ban’s.  Now I’m not sure if Heidi had been stalking me or we had met in person, because EVERYTHING fit.

I was shocked.


In disbelief.

I can’t tell you how many useless minutes I’ve spent in dressing rooms cursing my body for being too skinny or too gangly or too tall to fit what is my size at different places. Convincing myself that the mirror in the dressing room was some sick prank being played by the department store by swapping the mirror with a carnival one. Well not this time! As you can see above in the pics, (or below, not sure where Claire is fitting this in) the clothes just looked great. Even the sunglasses (shoutout Rayban) fit my toucan sam beak of a nose.

So, to give the other side of the coin, these are quality items. These aren’t your Old Navy clothes you buy on the cheap hoping to not have to replace next year. My trunk had brands like 1901, Paige Denim, Ted Baker, Cole Haan, Ray Ban and PG (damn those PG pants were comfy). This was a whole new territory for me. Here I was loving everything that came because it fit great, looked great and made me feel like I knew what I was doing. Greatness comes at a price though. The quality and brands do have the items pricier than what I’m used to; but I also told Claire I thought a quality dining room table was like $300 so maybe I just suck at understanding value on things.

With that said, I plan on using Trunk Club for future looks like athleisure and business. This is because I decided a couple years ago that I would put an effort, daily, into how I present myself to people. By working out, eating right, having good posture, and looking like I give a shit, I will present the best version of myself.  This way I’m doing my part to accomplish my goals and look handsome as hell in the process.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed seeing the pics of Claire and me, and if you’re on the fence about trying Trunk Club, just give it a whirl. You won’t regret it

Yours truly,


My outfit: Dress–Edyte Asymmetrical Dress by Joie ($348); Wedges–Annie Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge by MARC FISHER LTD ($150); Earrings–India Drop Earrings by BaubleBar ($34)

This outfit was probably one of the most comfortable ever! The dress was so soft, loose, and flowy. It would even be perfect for any of you ladies out there that are pregnant! Great for any date night that you want to get a little more dressed up and I think it would be beautiful for an occasion like a wedding as well. Also, even though these wedges were pretty high (4.25”) they were so comfortable and so easy to walk in! I actually don’t own a pair of wedges (shame on me) and now I feel like these are the one and only pair I’ll ever need. They come in multiple colors too!

My outfit: Shirt– Puff Sleeve Crop Top by 1.State ($89); Pants–Fawcett High Waist Crop Jeans by Reformation ($128); Wedges–Annie Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge by MARC FISHER LTD ($150); Earrings–India Drop Earrings by BaubleBar ($34)

I had so much fun wearing this outfit you guys! The checkered pants paired with the sleeves on this top was just the right amount of “extra” ๐Ÿ˜‰ The pants are high waisted and have a looser fit on the leg so they were really comfortable as well. The top would also go great with just a pair of jeans or shorts when you want to make your outfit a little less basic but still stick with the jeans and white tee combo.

My outfit: Shirt– Scoop Back Bodysuit by Madewell ($39.50); Shorts– Emmett Fresh Strawberries Shorts by Madewell ($65); Wedges–Annie Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge by MARC FISHER LTD ($150); Earrings–India Drop Earrings by BaubleBar ($34).

Last but not least–bodysuit and high waisted shorts combo for the win! Both these pieces are from Madewell and I absolutely loved them both. Bodysuits are usually difficult for me because I’m 5’9” but this one fit great! Also the shorts were super flattering and I loved that they were a little longer/gave more coverage. Also, how fun is the strawberry print?! Oh and they have pockets on the front so really, what more could you ask for?!

I hope that you guys enjoyed these looks, and if you haven’t tried Trunk Club I would totally recommend it! You really don’t have anything to lose, and my stylist has always picked out great pieces no matter what type of trunk and I’ve always felt so great and confident in all of them ๐Ÿ™‚ Do yourself a favor and try it! Plus, it’s super convenient having it delivered right to your door and really easy to send back–it really is hassle free and a huge time saver too! xxC

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