Finding Balance Between Your Work, Health, and Relationships

Finding Balance Between Your Work, Health, and Relationships

I think that we all want to (think that we can) do it all. Give 100% and excel in every area of our life.

I’ve been down that road before of thinking I could “do it all” and I definitely learned that in having those beliefs, you just end up overextending yourself and neglecting other areas of your life. Sure, one area of your life may be in check, but the rest tend to fall short, and a lot of times we don’t even realize it!

Two years ago, for example, I made it my mission to hit my macros and hit the gym 6 days a week–no excuses. Even after a 12-hour hospital shift, I would go workout. I wouldn’t say that I was “obsessed” per se, but I definitely started neglecting other areas of my life to achieve this. I was determined to be “healthy and fit” regardless of the circumstances. Even if that meant I was on my feet for 13 hours at work and had to be back at work in less than 12 hours to do it all again. Even if that meant turning down going out for wine with girlfriends.

So what did all this cost? Well, over time I realized this approach wasn’t really making me truly happy nor was it balanced. I learned that while I was excelling in one area, I was neglecting others. Sure, I looked good but it didn’t feel good turning down nights out with the girls or feeling like my every thought revolved around the gym or what food I was eating. Over time, I decided that I was much happier working out 4-5x a week, and being more lenient with my macros.

The next time I learned this lesson (again) was with work. Over the last year, I’ve really focused on building up my brand between my Instagram, and blog. I have discovered that I truly do have a passion for not only helping you in your fitness and health journey but also just creating in general! It’s been a crazy year of learning and navigating being my own boss, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, deep down I knew I didn’t have a good work-life balance. Yes, my brand was growing and great things were happening, but I was constantly stressed. Between my brand, the hospital, being a wife, being a friend, the gym…I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t until I completely broke down one night and cried myself to sleep at 7 pm because I couldn’t handle the stress that I realized it was time to make a change. Hey, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to realize it!  The next day I woke up determined to never feel that way again and made the first hire to my team.

Over these last six months, I have become a huge believer in what happens when your mindset shifts. Sometimes you think you know what’s best for you but then you look up and all the sudden you’ve put all your eggs in one basket, and you’re totally off balance!

Last month when I had the opportunity to visit the Johnson & Johnson Health Performance Institute (HPI) that just debuted in Lake Nona, Orlando Florida, I was reminded of how important a holistic perspective is to actually be successful. This goes for all areas of life, not just one. In touring the facility, we learned about the program they have that many COOs and CEOs go through in order to reach their greatest potential. Obviously, these individuals are excelling in work, but what about the other areas of their life? HPI works with these individuals and really examines all areas of their life and what they may be excelling in, but also where they are falling short. It’s this holistic approach that helps each person achieve their greater purpose.

The facility itself was incredible. I’ve included some photos below that I took during our tour. The entire facility had so much natural light, and was very clean and minimal, which I feel like makes a huge difference in your overall mood and mindset. Whenever I have natural light, and an aesthetic, clutter-free space it makes all the difference in my productivity.

The one thing that really resonated with me was the emphasis that they placed on your physical health. That sure, you may be successful at work, but if your physical health is struggling, it’s going to impact other areas. I personally know how much better I feel in all areas of life when I’m eating well and working out, so I loved that this was one of the pillars of HPI. Aside from their beautiful gym, they have what are called “bod pods” which are Air Displacement Plethysmographs that measure your entire body composition with incredible accuracy. Their trainers and tools like this really give the individuals the information they need moving forward; they really dive deep into each area of your life and how they can better equip you.

Overall, HPI really spoke to me because from personal experience I realize the side effects when you don’t take care of yourself from a holistic standpoint. In each time of my life when I’ve been excelling in one area and not striving for balance, I end up getting really burned out and realizing that the approach I am doing isn’t sustainable. Knowing that experts in their field not only value a holistic approach but can actually connect that viewpoint to being successful in life was a great reminder to me of how important balance is.

Have you ever felt like you’ve excelled in one area but then realized you’ve been neglecting others? Do you feel better and more successful when you’ve found an overall balance?




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