My Morning Routine

I used to be one of those people who glorified getting up super early and starting the day full force. I definitely fell into the trap of glorifying being busy. I thought if I started off my day being “busy” that is was some sort of badge of honor.

Not anymore though!

The older I’ve gotten, I’ve learned that being “busy” isn’t a badge of honor, and if anything, being “busy” just makes me feel scattered, stressed, and rushed. These are things that I never want to be feeling, especially right when I wake up. Self-care is so important, and it starts as soon as my alarm goes off. That’s why mornings are so sacred to me! It really sets the tone for the rest of my day, so I want to be doing things that are going to set a good tone. I want to feel mentally clear and ready to take on the day. In order to feel this way, I have a few must do’s!

The first non-negotiable is 8 hours of sleep. I used to believe that waking up earlier meant that I was somehow “better” or being more productive, but I’ve realized that I need my sleep in order to have a productive next day! So regardless of what time I go to sleep, I set my alarm for 8 hours later.

As soon as I wake up, I open my blinds to let the sunlight in (it truly does lift your mood!) and make my bed. Making my bed makes me feel like my day is already coming together, anyone else?! LOL. I know it’s a little thing but it does make a difference.

Before going downstairs, I need to brush my teeth. I really hate the feeling of not having a fresh mouth. Since I’ve had dental issues in the past, it’s super important to me that I take steps to take good care of my teeth. I use Pronamel and recently started using Pronamel Repair to help strengthen my teeth and keep them healthy. Aside from past dental issues, I eat a lot of acidic foods (ahem, fruit!) and so using the right toothpaste is a must. The acids in fruits, juices, and carbonated drinks can wear down enamel and cause teeth to appear yellow and dull which obviously none of us want! Pronamel Repair works to help repair weakened enamel and protect our teeth from these everyday acids.


By now it’s usually around 8 am– I throw on my workout clothes, and I try to get in a quick meditation session even if it’s just 5 minutes. Then Stephen and I (and Fritz!) will enjoy our morning together. We fill each other in on what our plans are for the day, and make breakfast together. Lately, with the colder weather, we’ve both been super into oatmeal and I have mine with berries and almond butter. I never realized how many acidic foods I ate during the day and how must they can affect our tooth enamel until recently. Obviously, I’m not going to stop eating berries and other fruit, so just another reason that Pronamel Repair has been great for my teeth!

Around 10 am I tend to head to the gym. Some mornings are super busy and I have to stay home and work but if I can get my workout done earlier in the day, I tend to feel better as the day goes on! Anyone else? Again, it’s something that just sets a better overall tone for the day. Once I’m back from the gym, it’s a little before lunch time and I feel like I’ve done several things to put me in the right headspace–at this point, I am ready to dive into work and be super focused and productive. It really is the little things like making my bed, knowing I’m taking care of my teeth, getting in a healthy breakfast, spending quality time with Stephen and Fritz, and working out that makes a huge difference in how the rest of my day goes.

Do you guys have a morning routine that you stick to each day, or does each morning look a little different?

Thank you to Pronamel Repair for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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