Update: How I’m Feeling Post Implant Exchange

Update: How I’m Feeling Post Implant Exchange

In case you missed it, early this year I had my breast implants exchanged for a smaller size (you can find the original post and why I made the decision here).  Since it’s been three months, I wanted to give you an update on how I’m feeling with everything.

I had my implant exchange done at Davis & Pyle and overall had a really amazing experience. I would highly recommend them if you’re thinking of an exchange or getting breast implants. Dr. Pyle and the nurses made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and I was super happy with the results when I left their office.

So how am I feeling now?!

Overall, I feel GREAT! I ended up downsizing 170cc which is crazy to me! Prior to my surgery, I thought I had around 420cc but I actually had around 480cc, yikes! I ended up going with 310 cc smooth Sientra implants. They are very similar to the shape of my previous ones, but a little bit softer. The procedure itself took less than an hour, which is still incredible to me. During the procedure, I was only under local anesthesia. Meaning, the incision site was numbed but otherwise, I was totally awake. It wasn’t at all painful; it was just a little bit of a weird sensation when the old implant was coming out. Being able to be awake though was a huge benefit because I could see in real time what the new size implant would look like on my frame. Dr. Pyle and the nurses were also so helpful in deciding on the size. I could voice aloud to them my thoughts and feelings and they could help point me in the right direction.

Overall, I feel so much more comfortable with this smaller size. When I’m wearing tops that are lower cut I feel like there is the perfect amount of cleavage–just enough but not so much where if I’m around my parents or in-laws I feel uncomfortable LOL. But when I’m wearing sports bras, I still definitely have “something” and don’t need to worry about wearing padding, etc. I also feel like the size looks more natural and proportional on my frame.

Before the surgery, I was hesitant if downsizing a cup size would make that big of a difference, but I have to say it definitely has. Sometimes you just need a small tweak and it can make all the difference. If you’ve been contemplating getting an exchange or implants for a while, trust your gut! If it’s something constantly on your mind, know that it’s okay to do something for yourself that is going to help boost your confidence! I’m still very happy with my decision to get implants, but I feel even better now with the new size.

If you’re thinking of getting implants for the first time or getting an implant exchange, definitely check out Eden Knows Implants. Jenny Eden is a resource that Skin Raleigh introduced me too–she has an entire website and community built to be a safe space for women who are considering implants. She has super helpful articles, has a area where FAQs are answered directly by a surgeon, and you can even meet with her for coffee! It’s a really incredible community and support system. She also has boobie butter and scar salve that I’ve been using post surgery which are game changers!

If you have any questions about my original surgery, be sure to check out the original blog here. I also have an IG highlight titled “Implant Exchange” that shows a behind the scenes of the surgery!


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    I am a mother and I really needed this info thanks!

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