How To Know What Sponsored Content To Say Yes To

Last week, we talked about why it’s important to be particular about the sponsored content you post. So now let’s get into how to know what sponsored content is a good fit for your brand. I’ll be honest, when I first started out and had the opportunity to work with brands, I said yes to more than I probably should have. Granted, I wasn’t getting as many sponsored opportunities but I wasn’t as selective as I should have been. I think this can be fairly common especially when you’re first starting because it’s exciting to finally get paid for doing what you love! You’re also a little more naive to how the space works and aren’t thinking as much long term how brand partnerships can affect you and your brand. I feel like this is understandable when you’re “newer” to the space but unfortunately I still see some bloggers continue to accept what seems like any partnership that’s brought to them.

That being said, my old mentality when accepting sponsored posts was more along the lines of –do I like this product and could I incorporate it in my feed/content? Now my mentality is much different. I am very particular, and turn down the majority of offers I get. I don’t think “could I incorporate this?” because of course most of us could incorporate something. I think, am I already using this? Am I obsessed with it? Is it something that I would definitely use on a regular basis, etc. When working with a brand, I either reach out to brands that I already use on a consistent basis, or if they reach out to me I really have to love the product, and/or strongly believe in the brand’s vision or message. Or, I ask myself “Would I buy this with my own money?” At first it was scary turning down collaborations because this job has a lot of uncertainty when it comes to having a guaranteed income each month but I think it’s important to trust the process and really focus on what is elevating and aligning with your brand. It will pay off in the end!

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Something else to consider when planning sponsored content, are the categories you’re promoting. If possible, it’s usually better to have your sponsored posts sharing different areas/products. For example, if you’re working with a vitamin brand one month and then a month later you’re promoting another vitamin brand, it starts to become a little unbelievable. Plus, one brand doesn’t want to be overshadowed by your next post a week or month later in the same category. Obviously though there are exceptions to this rule. If you’re a fashion blogger you’d never be expected to only post about one clothing brand because no one only wears one brand, and beauty bloggers try out different brands of makeup fairly consistently.  But overall I think you get the gist of what I’m saying! Just something to be consciousness of.

This point of this post isn’t meant to shit on sponsored posts, I mean obviously I’m all for them as it’s a cool way to try new products/brands to share with you, and it’s how I make a living. In fact, I think people should be more open to sponsored content because after all, it’s the only reasons bloggers and influences can share their own content consistently and for free. So just remember that next time you see a sponsored post! Your engagement is important.

So nothing wrong with sponsored content, but I just wanted to elaborate on the importance of limiting it, because going overboard can affect your personal brand, trust with you audience, and your ability to work with other brands! If you have any other thoughts or comments on this topic, would love to hear! xxC




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