What I Look For In Denim + My Review of 5 Denim Brands

What I Look For In Denim + My Review of 5 Denim Brands

I’m on a mission to find the best in denim! We know Levi’s are pretty much the OGs but what else is out there? I’ve heard girls rave about GRLFRND, Agolde, Paige, and JBrand to name a few but I wanted to find out for myself so I went ahead and ordered 6 different pairs and styles from Revolve and tried them all out! I’m listing the pros and cons for each pair here and ultimately which ones I sent back and which I kept. Turns out I didn’t love some of the more expensive pairs (I tried jeans that ranged from $60-225). All these pairs except for the Good American brand are saved under my “Revolve” highlight on IG if you into see a full try on. So if you want to see these babies in action, be sure to check that out! (Side note, in the past I’ve had good luck with finding jeans at Abercrombie, American Eagle and Express but wanted to branch out and try some other brands).

What I Look For In Denim

I think that everyone has their precedented jean-goals. I like to go for a high-waist like above the belly button high, you know to keep everything tucked in. I’m also going to need pockets, even though I rarely put stuff in them other than when I’m walking, I know that not having pockets in always hassle. Finally I want something that wears well and lasts a long time. I’ve bought way too many pairs on jeans that are on the lower end of the budget spectrum and they just end up losing their shape and color really quickly. Denim is something worth investing in I’ve learned the hard way. *See the 15 pairs of jeans in my closet I don’t wear*

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Revolve Denim Haul

501 Skinny Levis $128
First up are a classic pair of medium-toned jeans that are slightly distressed at the knees. I usually only like above the belly button denim but these hit right at the belly button so they feel good enough! I have another pair of 501 Levis and I really love how they fit overall. This pair isn’t a super skinny jean, but they are fairly fitted, a straight leg, and they are a little bit cropped. Overall very comfortable fit and flattering IMO. Worth noting there is no zipper just several buttons! These fit true to size; I’m wearing a 28.

Jamie High Rise Straight Jean by Agolde $178
I had never tried a pair of jeans from this brand but everyone raves about them so I was like okay I’m willing to invest in this more luxury-end brand IF they are the jeans of my dreams. So naturally I ordered both a 27 and 28. Overall I love the look of these jeans but the sizing is a little off for me. As far as the 28 goes I do like the way it fits on my legs but they are a bit too big on the waist and the extra material creates this weird folding in the front.

In the 27s the leg becomes a little tight for a loose-fitting jean style, which is what they are supposed to be, and the waist feels too tight. I think in this case I’m just between sizes! I ended up sending these ones back but would be open to trying a different style by Agolde for sure. I have heard that with their brand they are supposed to fit tighter and will stretch with wear but I could barely button the 27 so I don’t think they are supposed to be that tight LOL.

Helena High-Rise Straight Jean by GRLFRND $228
This GRLFRND brand is another one that’s definitely on the pricier side but I wanted to try them too. Again, I’m willing to invest for a perfect pair that I’ll wear hundreds of times. Denim is something that you wear constantly (at least I do) so I think it’s worth the investment. Like I wouldn’t consider spending over $200 on a shirt as I’m not wearing that weekly. ANYWAY.

First thoughts here– they have a bit of a lower waist than I like, and are a little bit snug fitting. I almost wrote them off but noticed that the tag disclaimed they should be very fitted when you first wear but they will relax over time. So I reconsidered and kept the size 28 which is my regular size. The waistband still hits at a really flattering angle, they definitely are not low waist by any means, plus I’m taller so they might sit higher on you. I really like how they are distressed and the raw cut, asymmetrical hem, on the bottom (I personally like the uneven hem). I do really like these jeans, and so I decided to keep these and give them a go. I’ll let you know over time if I think they are worth the extra money!

Mile High Super Skinny Levis $98
Up next is pair 1 or 3 for black denim. This pair comes up and over the belly button, is tighter in the legs and definitely a has skinny ankle. They are really flattering on the legs and butt and long enough for me (I’m 5’9). Plus they are super comfortable considering the legs taper down so thin. One of my favorite pairs, definitely keeping! And as a side note, so many of you messaged me on DM saying these are your favorite jeans, so these are definitely winners! Oh, and they are under $100 #yay Also, these Levis fit true to size as well; I’m wearing a 28.

High Waist Solitaire Jean  $62
This second black pair is a bit of a more affordable option. To me they are almost like a jegging, even tighter on the legs, but more of a stretchy material and no front pockets. Definitely getting the jean-legging hybrid vibe here. These ones are also super long! I’m surprised they bunch at the ankles since again, I’m 5’9 and that never happens, so if you’re working with a few less inches than me you might end up with a ton of extra fabric. But if you are taller these would be awesome to wear with boots since they are so skinny in the leg. One other things to note the sizing is Small, Medium, Large for these which is a bit random. I got them in medium, which was accurate for me (I usually wear a 28 as you’ve read 5x by now LOL).

Superdown Suza Distressed Jeans (pictured above) $66
I’ve ordered a few tops from this brand (Superdown) recently and have been pleasantly surprised, and I felt the same way about their jeans. The price point is great ($66), and they are ultra high-waisted with destroyed areas on the knees. They also have a narrow ankle so they are great with booties, and are narrow enough to tuck into boots. Overall, I am a big fan of these jeans and you really can’t beat the price point. These fit true to size, I’m wearing a 28. 

Good American $168 So I’d seen a lot of of girls wearing this brand but I didn’t try it myself until recently because I have to admit, I was curious if they are really as good as people say! Verdict: IMO, so far they are worth the investment. I will say, these jeans fit like a glove and they are actually pretty soft and have a good amount of stretch to them for being denim that is so form fitting. My first impression when trying these on was–wow, these are really soft! And I don’t feel like that is something that people usually say about denim. But for a pair of jeans that are surprisingly comfortable. I tried on both their good legs and good waist jeans, and ended up getting one pair of each. The good legs Fit TTS and I’d size down in the good waist!

Okay, so my overall denim takeaways
4 quick notes after trying these 6 pairs of jeans!

  1. Levis live up to their reputation
  2. It’s worth it to be patient for a pair you LOVE
  3. Going to try more of the Agolde and GRLFRND brand but not totally sold on them yet!
  4. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to find a good pair of denim BUT it is an item you should be open to investing in given how often you wear jeans.

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