How To Feel Better When You’re Feeling Down

I like to think of myself as someone who is pretty positive. I mean, I’m realistic for sure but I like to think I’m optimistic and am always able to find the silver lining of things. So yeah, on a day to day basis I’m usually in a pretty good mood even if things aren’t necessarily “going my way”. However, I’m human, and I think all of us have had those days where we just feel down/blah/in a funk. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint why which can be even more frustrating because you’re like “why am I feeling this way?!” Last week was one of those times. I was just feeling down and didn’t know why. It seems silly when there is so much to be grateful for but just because you’re grateful doesn’t mean that you don’t have moments where you’re feeling down. Today I wanted to re-share these tips from my IG post so you can always refer back to this blog if you’re feeling that way.

Also, if you’re going through something that has you feeling down, I know it sucks. We’ve all been through times in our life where things just plain suck. Know that I see you, and also know that time will heal things. I know it may seem impossible now but you will look back and realize how much you were able to overcome. You will get through it.

Okay, a few things that have helped me whenever I’m feeling down:

-Realize everyone has days like this and you aren’t alone. (Social is a highlight reel and plenty of people feel this way despite what a picture shows). 

-Acknowledge your feelings—it’s okay to feel sad/down. Know that the feelings will eventually pass. 

-Try to do something that you enjoy or find a little thing that will make you happy. Maybe it’s grabbing a croissant or chai tea latte at your favorite coffee shop, a pedicure, a hot bath, having a movie night. Sometimes it’s just the little things.

-Make a plan. For me, it helps to make a list of tangible things that I can do that will make me feel more productive. Even if I don’t feel like working or getting sh*t done, I always feel better after vs. “moping around.” Plus, feeling directionless and like you don’t have a purpose usually doesn’t help with the crappy mood.

-Workout or go do something active, even if it’s just going for a walk. No one ever felt worse after a workout and fresh air always helps!

-Get dressed and put on makeup! Sometimes getting ready and looking/feeling good on the outside can help you feel a little better on the inside.

What I’ve noticed is when you’re feeling down you don’t necessarily FEEL like doing anything. But if we only did things when we felt like doing them our lives would look a lot different. Do I feel like going to the gym most days? No. But I know it’s good for me and I’ll feel better after. Do I always feel like listening to a biz podcast when I could be binge watching Grace and Frankie?! Lol, definitely not. But I know deep down I want to learn and be better so I do it anyway.

I think that this thought process can definitely be helpful when you you’re feeling down–meaning, we can’t always act on our emotions. Yes, I think it’s important to acknowledge how you’re feeling and sometimes you just need to take the time to just “feel your feelings.” To an extent though. I don’t think it’s helpful to wallow or mope around. Sometimes you have to force yourself back into doing things and you’ll start to feel better once you’re “up and at ’em.” I think back to times when I was going through a really tough break up and even though I just wanted to lay around all day, I always felt better when I got up, got dressed, worked out etc.

If you have any other tips or things that have helped you when you’re feeling down, I’d love for you to share! xxC


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