6 Spring & Summer Closet Staples

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share 6 spring and summer staples to have in your wardrobe. Overall, my style is pretty relaxed and I like to have pieces that can easily be mixed and matched. Here are my 6 picks that can transition super easily to spring and summer (and even into fall) and go with a variety of pieces already in your closet.

  1. Neutral tank. Especially during the summer, it gets hot here in NC. Even a t-shirt feels like too much fabric sometimes LOL. But regardless of where you live, a neutral cami can be paired with really anything. Shorts, jeans, a mini skirt, a maxi skirt, etc. I especially love a cropped one because everything I own is highwaisted. I own the one I’m wearing in the photo above in 4 different colors, white and black being two of them. With this cami, I just wear pasties or the sticky bras. Below are a few good options that are $30 or less (cropped and not).
  2. Denim Shorts. Needless to say denim shorts go with everything–tanks, tees, sweatshirts, etc. During the summer, I am almost always in shorts (vs. a dress) so having a couple of pairs of denim shorts that are comfortable, hit at a good spot on the waist and aren’t total booty shorts are necessary LOL. I’d recommend having one pair that is more distressed and another more “clean” pair so you have options based on your outfit or what you’re doing. My current personal favorites and one’s I’m wearing I the photo above are these. I’ll also link some other options below–a lot of these are 50% off, including pair I’m wearing above.
  3. Denim Jacket. For years I didn’t have a denim jacket and as soon as I got one I started wearing it ALL the time during the spring and summer (at night). I was like, what did I do before this?! It’s a great piece to have in your closet to use as an extra layer when it’s a little cooler at night. All of these are currently 40-50% off.
  4. Light Neutral Colored Moto Jacket. This Moto jacket is a recent purchase and since I’ve had it, I’ve gotten so much use it out it. I mean, we wear black leather jackets all the time in the winter, so why not have a lighter colored one for spring and summer? This is a great way to elevate your look or have a more edgy feel vs. a denim jacket which is a little more casual.
  5. White Sneakers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed for these white sneakers. I originally bought them for Italy last year because I wanted a pair of sneakers that would go with everything and be great for walking. These checked both boxes, and then I basically have been wearing them non-stop since we’ve gotten back! Definitely more of a splurge, but they go with everything, are great for walking and are perfect for a cute and casual daytime look. Several options below are also on sale.
  6. White or Light Neutral Colored Booties. Same concept as the leather jacket–we wear black booties are the time in fall and winter so why not have a staple pair for spring and summer? You can dress them up or down–they go great with shorts, skirts or dresses. Plus, they are an easy way to elevate your look vs. wearing a sneaker. Many of these are on sale too.








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