Pros & Cons of Fake Lashes

So I’ve been getting fake lashes on and off for several years now so I thought I’d share some pros and cons if you’re on the fence about getting them. If you have them, or have had them in the past, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this too! Overall, I seem to always go back to having them because 1. I love how they look and 2. They save me a ton of time getting ready!


-Wake up looking like Beyonce. Okay, so maybe not quite but probably the closest we’ll ever get LOL. But seriously, it’s so nice to wake up and already look somewhat “done.” Half the time when I first get up I am working out so if I’m going to the actual gym it’s nice to not wear any makeup but still look a little more put together. And honestly, the fake lashes give me a little confidence boost! I always feel great when I get them and that is worth a lot IMO 🙂

-Save time when getting ready. When I have my fake lashes, I don’t wear any other eye makeup so they are a huge time saver for me. When I don’t have them, I feel like I need to wear shadow, liner, and mascara otherwise I just feel really naked! So the fact that I don’t have to worry about eye makeup at all saves me a lot of time. My makeup is done in 5 minutes. (Ps. You can definitely wear eye makeup with fake lashes but I feel like my eyes look defined enough with the lashes themselves so I don’t bother with it!)

-Don’t have to worry about buying mascara (or eye makeup): Again, when you have fake lashes, you don’t necessarily need to worry about spending time or money on the right eye makeup or mascara. Unless you’re going out for an event, having the fake lashes for an everyday look automatically gives you that drama you may be looking for.

-They are customizable. The nice thing about fake lashes is that you can get a look (volume and length) that you personally love. Some girls like to get a classic set which is more of a natural look, but if you want your lashes to be more dramatic you can get a volume set for some extra oomph. I get a hybird set (a mix of both) and I feel like it’s the perfect amount of definition and drama without looking overdone.


-Cost. I would say the cost is probably the biggest con. But again, for me, the pros definitely outweigh this con. Prices can vary but where I  go (details in last paragraph) is $175 for your first full-set (she may be doing a special right now for $150 btw) and then $40-70 for each fill/touch up depending on how often you go. My lashes usually last about 3 weeks.

-Maintenance. For me, the biggest part of maintenance is just going for the fills themselves but these just take around 40 minutes (some places I’ve gone take much longer and I definitely had to find a new girl because I couldn’t dedicate an hour and a half to fills haha). But I honestly don’t do anything to my lashes in between fills lol. You can definitely rinse them with water and a foaming soap but in general I’ve never done anything to mine. So for me, they are super low maintenance aside from taking the time to get them filled every 3 weeks. Sidenote: Whenever I’m in the shower, I just use a wash cloth to wash my face–I try to avoid sticking my face/eyes directly into the water to help preserve them. Although you can swim with them and they will be totally fine! You may just need to get fills more often.

-Can’t rub your eyes. This one personally has never bothered me but some of my friends that have lashes are like, I miss rubbing/touching my eyes! So this could be considered a con if that is something you do a lot.

A lot of people have asked me if fake lashes will ruin your natural lashes–if you’re going to someone who is applying them correctly the answer is no! When my lashes naturally fell off during quarantine, my lashes were shorter but there we not patchy or missing spots. Over the next 8 weeks they grew in much longer and looked just as they did before I got fake lashes on. My best piece of advice is to look at lash  reviews, stalk their IG, and ask friends for referrals! I go to Kevie at @eyecandylashbar and she’s the best! She does such a good job everytime. She gives me exactly what I ask for and she is really fast too! A full set takes about an hour and fills take about 40 mins and so that is short enough for me to not feel like I have to take out a lot of time for  maintanance (some other lash stylist I’ve been to take 1.5-2 hours for just a fill and I just cannot make that kind of time commitment!) Ps. If you want to see Kevie, give her my name as a referral and you’ll get $25 off your first set!

Let me know if you have any questions–happy to answer more! xxC



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