Interior Style Inspiration for the New House

Hey guys! Today I thought I would share some interior design inspo for the new house! I feel like in the past, I’ve always wanted to buy pieces ASAP when we’ve first moved and even though I want to style the new house sooner than later, I’m trying to patient and really intentional with the pieces I’m choosing and investing in. Something that Nora (my friend who is an interior stylist) has taught me is that homes are decorated in layers (aka over a period of time). I feel like that is a good reminder because I think so often when we move into a new space we just want everything done right away. So I’m trying to keep that in mind with this move!

Some of y’all have asked if my style will be changing from this house into the new one. In going through Pinterest and finding what I like and don’t like, I can say that there are a lot of the same elements in our house now that I want carried over to the new one. I like brighter/lighter spaces overall, and I love incorporating natural wood elements to add some warmth. To balance that, I love also having matte black incorporated in some pieces like the cabinet handles in our kitchen and master bedroom dresser, or some of the chairs at our dining room table. So I feel like all those elements will stay the same and carry into the new house. The one thing I do want to incorporate more into the new house though are some modern elements. Not a ton but just a few so the vibe doesn’t feel as modern farmhouse-y. For example, I’m going to switch out our headboard to something a little more minimal (without tufts), and update some of the cabinet trim in the kitchen and probably the fireplace to look a little more minimal/modern vs. more traditional. Some of these projects I won’t be able to do for a while but again, trying to keep in mind the overall vision is long term vs. going for quick fixes!

Below is some design inspiration for our new space


Living Room

Dining Room

What does y’alls personal style look like and what do you gravitate towards? If you are moving or re-designing a space, I think using Pinterest is super helpful. For example, after I selected my favorite inspiration photos for our dining room, I realized they all have very similar style tables and chairs. Before doing so, I didn’t even realize that was the vibe I was going for, but now I can see that I clearly have a specific style in mind that I like!

Also, if y’all are looking for some help in either re-designing a room, or even just re-arranging it, I can’t recommend Nora enough. Her prices are very reasonable and I know several of you have worked with her and have been super happy that you did! xxC


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