How to get back into a healthy routine after some time off

Hey guys!

So I asked y’all what content you wanted to see and almost everyone either said home or food/healthy routines! So before diving into more house content I thought I’d share how to get back into a healthy routine after some time away since that is something I am definitely going through right now.

I first want to say, that I always believe in moderation. It can be really tempting to want to be strict after spending some time away from workouts and your normal eating routine but I honestly think that just sets you up for failure. Just because you’ve spent time away from your regular routine doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself and be super strict going forward. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always felt this way. I used to be super strict in general, and then feel pressure to be even more strict if I had gone on vacation or had time away from my “healthier” routines (like this past week with moving). But as I’ve “grown up” over the years, I’ve realized that life is too short to feel stressed about it and I don’t want to live a lifestyle that is so focused on “healthy” habits that it just ends up adding stress to my life. A healthy lifestyle is supposed to enhance your life, not take away from it and your mental health is also included in that! There are days, and even weeks that you just need to order your pizza, drink that wine, etc. It’s all about balance and finding routines that you can stick to over the years, not just 1 week, 30 days.

Like I mentioned above, I don’t think it’s helpful (or realistic) to be super strict when getting back into your normal routine. However, making sure you’re setting yourself up for success to start incorporating some of that normalcy again can go a long way.

Here are some things I will be doing this week as I get back into my normal routine:

-Drinking water. I was so bad at drinking water last week between packing, going in between the houses etc. I have my water bottle back by my side and will be drinking at least 2 a day.

-Be in bed by 10:30pm and waking up by 7am. My sleep schedule was all throw off last week so aiming to get back into more of my normal sleeping hours.

-Workout 5x this week for minimum 30 minutes, and at least 4 of them being weighted workouts. I like to also incorporate longer walks into my routine but my goal is to get in 4 “proper” workouts this week.

-Grocery shopping to have healthier food available. Having healthier options on hand is always important! If you don’t have nourishing food around then it’s easy to order takeout or grab whatever is quickest/easiest. Hence why yesterday I had 2 slices of pizza for lunch and then another 2 for dinner LOL.

Now here are some things I won’t be doing:

-Cutting out wine. Do I need to have wine every night? No. But I’m also not going to be like, I can’t have anything this week because I need to get “back on track.” That doesn’t work for me lol.

-Stopping takeout with friends this weekend. This weekend we are having a couple friends over to see the new house and I feel like it can be very easy to slip back into the mindset of –I can’t eat the pizza that everyone wants to order because I’ve been too relaxed over the last couple weeks, or I said I was going to be
“healthy”, I shouldn’t be eating this. Again, this is life! You have to learn how a healthy lifestyle is going to add to your life instead of taking away from it. For me, skipping pizza night with my friends isn’t going to bring me happiness. Now, do I need to be eating pizza and other takeout the whole week leading up to them coming over? No. But I’m not going to restrict myself when we all get together just because I’ve had some “time off.”

Another example, is tomorrow morning I had plans to get donuts at a breakfast spot close to us. It would be easy for me to be like “I shouldn’t do that” but again, it’s all about getting back into your normal routine not one where you are depriving yourself.

-Thinking about my progress or lack there of. This isn’t something I really do anymore, but I used to be so caught up with my “progress” that it was all I could think about especially when I had time away from my routine. Do I look different? Did I set myself back? I shouldn’t have eaten that, etc. Stop doing that to yourself. I promise your life will be much richer if you strive for balance and workout and eat healthier because it makes you feel good vs. changing what you look like.

Alright guys, hope this tips helped if you’re in the same boat of trying to get back into a routine after some time away! xxC


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