5 Healthy Habits I’ve Stuck to This Year

This year has really been one to remember (or forget LOL), but all the extra time at home really made me take a look at my routines and how I was spending my time each day. There have definitely been a few things that I realized I either needed to be better at being more consistent with or start incorporating all together. Here are some healthy habits that I’ve been sticking to this year that I feel like have really made a positive impact for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Daily multivitamins I know vitamins are good for you and you should take them but I feel like taking them consistently was always difficult for me. Also, I was skeptical at times because you always wonder, do I really need these or do these actually work? At the start of this year I was looking for a multivitamin that would be easy to take and had key nutrients that I needed–no extra fluff! I had several friends that had taken Ritual who had loved it so I figured I’d give them a try. It was just 2 daily capsules (easy)! Nine months later I am still taking them and can’t say enough good things! Like I said, they are just 2 capsules a day, have a minty-fresh taste, and you can take them any time during the day so you don’t have to plan them around meals. They have a delayed-release capsule so they are gentle on my stomach. I also love that they all just come in 1 bottle so it’s easy to travel with (when that becomes a thing again ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). They also launched a men’s multivitamin recently and Stephen quickly jumped on board and ditched his 8 multivitamin pills situation (I’m serious LOL). Aside from their women and men’s multivitamin, they also have a pre-natal and women 50+ so different life stages can be covered! You can click HERE to sign up for Ritual today! 

Daily walks/spending 30 minutes outside Remember during the beginning of quarantine when NOTHING was open?! I remember I didn’t even want to go get takeout. Everything felt off limits (mostly because it was lol) and so one of the only things to do was spend time outside. I don’t know about you guys but because of this everyday I would just pray for the weather to be nice because it felt like one of the only things keeping me sane! I started incorporating daily walks where I would listen to a podcast and it became my “me time.” Everyday I looked forward to taking long walks outside because one, it gave me a change of scenery from our house but two, it really helped me clear my head and disconnect some. Even though more things are opening up now, I still do my daily walks/spend this time outside. Quarantine has really made me appreciate being outside in the fresh air and I realized how much it positively impacts my mood.

Going to bed earlier  Yikes, this one was a tough one for me especially at the beginning of quarantine when everyday was starting to feel like “vacay” mode. Loungewear 24/7, glass of wine every night, sleep in until 9am–who cares it’s quarantine! Well after several weeks of that (and realizing that this was going to be our new reality for a while) those habits got old fast. I started to make it a priority to go to sleep earlier and I always feel so much better when I stick to that. I’ve realized that going to bed before 11 is ideal for me because I really do function and feel my best with 8-9 hours of sleep.

Water before coffee Anyone else on their third cup of coffee and realize they haven’t had any water yet? Guilty! I got into a really bad habit of doing this and it would be like 1pm and I’d realize I hadn’t had any water for the day. Oops. Now one of my daily habits is to always have at least one glass of water before my morning coffee. This way I know I’m getting at least some sort of hydration before my first or second cup ๐Ÿ˜‰

Reading more books I really feel like this has been one of the silver linings of quarantine. Before quarantine it had been so long since I sat down and read a book. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I “read ” all the time by listening to podcasts (especially when it’s those on business or personal development) but there is something to be said for taking the time to just sit down and read. I started to realize how much I really like taking the time out of my day to read, and how it was actually therapeutic (kind of similar to taking my “me time” outside for my daily walks). At the beginning of quarantine I read mostly psychological thrillers and recently I just finished Supermaker which is more about building a business. So a little bit on the opposite ends of the spectrum but either way it’s a hobby that I’ve really enjoyed and have been sticking to!

Are there any habits that you guys have been sticking to recently that you feel like make a big difference in your routines? I would love to hear! xxC

Thank you to Ritual for partnering with me on this post. As usual, all opinions are my own! 




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