My top 10 most popular blog posts

Hey guys! So thought I’d do a roundup of my most popular blog posts from over the years in case you’ve missed any of these. Some of these I am still surprised by and other’s not as much. Do y’all have a favorite from the ones below? Or a favorite topic in general? Let me know! xxC

  1. What I Eat During a 12 Hour Hospital Shift 
  2. Why I Exchanged My Breast Implants for a Smaller Size
  3. How I Prepare for a 12 Hour Hospital Shift
  4. Yes, I Get Botox
  5. My Transition from Macros to Intuitive Eating 
  6. What to Consider When Cutting (more like, chopping!) your Hair & How to Get the Most Volume
  7. Pros & Cons of Long vs. Short Hair 
  8. Why I Took a Break from Nursing
  9. The Best Neutral Nail Colors 
  10. My Plastic Surgery Experience 
  11. Psychological Thriller Book Recomendations (thought I’d add the 11th because why not 😉 )

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