What To Consider When Building Your Brand

What To Consider When Building Your Brand

I get that this topic may seem a little  ironic given that fact that I’ve been asking you all advice on what to focus on more with my brand as I’ve been feeling a little “lost” lately. And yes, this is still a learning process for me but I feel like I’ve learned a lot from experience so far that I can share with you all. Plus, I’ve read a thing or two on what is important when building a brand so let’s talk about those today!

First and foremost is authenticity. This goes for any brand you’re creating, but especially on platforms such as blogging and influencing…because in these cases a lot of times your brand is you, your life. So, you have to build a brand that represents who YOU are. Yes, it’s great to get ideas from other sources but you have to take those and put your own spin on it. Your brand won’t seem, well, be,  authentic or genuine if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

Consistency. Guys, you have to be consistent! On whatever your main platforms are, you have to consistently provide content. Maybe on your IG that means every day, and on your blog that only means 1x a week right now because that’s all you have time for. Well, okay, that’s fine! I’m not saying you have to post all day every day but you don’t want to post 4 blog posts in one week, and then not share anything for the next 2 weeks. Know what I’m saying? And yes, I could definitely be more consistent with my YouTube videos but my main focus is my IG and blog, and I’m still learning videos. So give me a break!! Aaaand I need to take my own advice and step it up, but right now there is only so much time in the day haha. But anyway, you get what I’m saying! In this case, do what I say and not what I do 😉

Cohesiveness. Now, when I say cohesiveness I mean that you want to have the same look and feel across all your platforms. Like, what if you came to my blog and all my photos were super bright and light colors, and then you went to my IG and everything was dark and moody? You would be like “ummm, what?” You would not get the feeling that you are looking at the same person’s content. Now, when I say the same look and feel, I’m not necessarily talking about a strict IG theme. For example, in some IG’s you’ll see that every third photo there is a quote, or every 4th photo is a filler photo. There’s been this whole mindset behind the “perfect IG layout” and I kind of think it’s ridiculous. Now before you freak out, am I saying that anyone who has a strict IG theme is wrong? No! Definitely not. But two things. I’ve actually heard people say they don’t like pages like that because they get predictable, and that is boring to them. Again, just repeating what I’ve heard. Secondly, I don’t personally like feeling limited on what I can share with you guys and when I can share it. What if I have something I really want to share but it doesn’t go with my theme, or it’s the day to post a food picture and I want to share an outfit with you guys? Just doesn’t work for me! But again, you do you. My point is, it’s not something to stress over.

Purpose. There are a few things to consider when sharing content. Are you here to persuade, entertain, inform, or inspire? Not that you have to pick only one of those and stick with it throughout all shared content. But just think, what is the purpose behind what I’m sharing? And when you’re building a brand, you also have to differentiate. What makes you different than other brands? Why do you people want to engage with you and your content?

Think long term. This is something that I didn’t have the leisure to do. As you may know, I started my blog and IG independently from one another, and didn’t have a business mentality with either of them. Eight months ago or so I knew I needed to re-do my blog and start changing the aesthetic of my brand, so I redesigned my site. But even then, I still didn’t even really think, okay what is  my brand. What do I want my brand to actually be. It’s been more so recently that I’ve had this mindset of what do I really want out of all this? I think it’s because I’ve had the realization that if blogging is something I really want do to, then the only person stopping me is me. I’ve always just considered it to be something I love and enjoy, and that it’s just part of my life. But now I don’t want it to just be a part of my life, I want it to “be” my life. Make sense? Yes? No? Hopefully yes lol. But point being, if you’re starting your own business, think of what you want out of it long term. Having to rebuild or rebrand your business is kind of a nightmare and while it has to be done sometimes, try to think of what you want from the beginning!

So hopefully these points give you some good things to think about when building your brand! Did you guys like this post? Let me know, and I can do more to expand on this topic! xx Claire

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