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What To Consider When Building Your Brand

I get that this topic may seem a little  ironic given that fact that I’ve been asking you all advice on what to focus on more with my brand as I’ve been feeling a little “lost” lately. And yes, this is still a learning process for me but I feel like I’ve learned a lot from experience so far that I can share with you all. Plus, I’ve read a thing or two on what is important when building a brand so let’s talk about those today!

First and foremost is authenticity. This goes for any brand you’re creating, but especially on platforms such as blogging and influencing…because in these cases a lot of times your brand is you, your life. So, you have to build a brand that represents who YOU are. Yes, it’s great to get ideas from other sources but you have to take those and put your own spin on it. Your brand won’t seem, well, be,  authentic or genuine if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

Consistency. Guys, you have to be consistent! On whatever your main platforms are, you have to consistently provide content. Maybe on your IG that means every day, and on your blog that only means 1x a week right now because that’s all you have time for. Well, okay, that’s fine! I’m not saying you have to post all day every day but you don’t want to post 4 blog posts in one week, and then not share anything for the next 2 weeks. Know what I’m saying? And yes, I could definitely be more consistent with my YouTube videos but my main focus is my IG and blog, and I’m still learning videos. So give me a break!! Aaaand I need to take my own advice and step it up, but right now there is only so much time in the day haha. But anyway, you get what I’m saying! In this case, do what I say and not what I do 😉

Cohesiveness. Now, when I say cohesiveness I mean that you want to have the same look and feel across all your platforms. Like, what if you came to my blog and all my photos were super bright and light colors, and then you went to my IG and everything was dark and moody? You would be like “ummm, what?” You would not get the feeling that you are looking at the same person’s content. Now, when I say the same look and feel, I’m not necessarily talking about a strict IG theme. For example, in some IG’s you’ll see that every third photo there is a quote, or every 4th photo is a filler photo. There’s been this whole mindset behind the “perfect IG layout” and I kind of think it’s ridiculous. Now before you freak out, am I saying that anyone who has a strict IG theme is wrong? No! Definitely not. But two things. I’ve actually heard people say they don’t like pages like that because they get predictable, and that is boring to them. Again, just repeating what I’ve heard. Secondly, I don’t personally like feeling limited on what I can share with you guys and when I can share it. What if I have something I really want to share but it doesn’t go with my theme, or it’s the day to post a food picture and I want to share an outfit with you guys? Just doesn’t work for me! But again, you do you. My point is, it’s not something to stress over.

Purpose. There are a few things to consider when sharing content. Are you here to persuade, entertain, inform, or inspire? Not that you have to pick only one of those and stick with it throughout all shared content. But just think, what is the purpose behind what I’m sharing? And when you’re building a brand, you also have to differentiate. What makes you different than other brands? Why do you people want to engage with you and your content?

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Think long term. This is something that I didn’t have the leisure to do. As you may know, I started my blog and IG independently from one another, and didn’t have a business mentality with either of them. Eight months ago or so I knew I needed to re-do my blog and start changing the aesthetic of my brand, so I redesigned my site. But even then, I still didn’t even really think, okay what is  my brand. What do I want my brand to actually be. It’s been more so recently that I’ve had this mindset of what do I really want out of all this? I think it’s because I’ve had the realization that if blogging is something I really want do to, then the only person stopping me is me. I’ve always just considered it to be something I love and enjoy, and that it’s just part of my life. But now I don’t want it to just be a part of my life, I want it to “be” my life. Make sense? Yes? No? Hopefully yes lol. But point being, if you’re starting your own business, think of what you want out of it long term. Having to rebuild or rebrand your business is kind of a nightmare and while it has to be done sometimes, try to think of what you want from the beginning!

So hopefully these points give you some good things to think about when building your brand! Did you guys like this post? Let me know, and I can do more to expand on this topic! xx Claire

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  1. Chalina says:

    I would love to see on your blog your favorite go to snacks and recipes

  2. London Wendt says:

    Hey Claire! I’d love to see more about shopping and what kind of pieces you look for when styling an outfit! Also I enjoy how you share where your workout outfits come from and sometimes how much they are! Maybe favorite brands of athletic apparel? Really enjoy reading your posts on instagram and here on the blog ?

  3. Hey girl! I love your IG and blog because I think you’re super relatable. You remind me of my friends. I prefer more of the macros/fitness/health related stuff personally because I feel like fashion bloggers are just all posting the same things (Nordstrom sales, etc.). I’m sure you want to branch out and that’s fine, but just remember how you started and why a lot of people originally started following you :). I would like to see more details on “cheat” meals and living life while following macros. I’ve been tracking for about 5 months and love it – but still feel guilty if I have an “untracked” meal and like I am going to lose definition. I would also like to see some examples of macro changes. For example, I have been on fat loss for the entire time and seen HUGE success. But what would happen if I switch to maintenance? I know you do a lot of switching around so I would love to see that. If I switch to maintenance do carbs usually go up and fat/protein stay the same? Just general questions like that. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Natalie Slagle says:

    Love your blog and these photos!! I would love to hear more about you and the hubs! Where you met, how long you’ve known each other, all that good stuff! I’d also love to hear more about your health and wellness journey (you’re my fav because you’re not afraid to have a glass of wine or beer lol, I love that.) As always, you’re amazing, raw and real, and I love having you in my IG feed every day!

  5. Jess Milner says:

    I love when you talk about what you do and being a nurse at the same time. I also love that you share your favorite brands (athletic and non) so we know where to go to look like “that super cute chica”! I would love to also see where you get your favorite spices/seasonings from. Thanks Claire!!

  6. Alyvia Steenhoek says:

    Hey Claire! I think you’re great as it is, I have to say. You’re really relatable and I love your style and balanced approach to fitness. It’s refreshing to see! I think I’d like more of your style posts, where you shop, thrifting, etc. Also, I’d love more macro ideas/hacks if you have any!

  7. Ashley says:

    I like how real you are, that’s why I follow you on Instagram and have subscribed to your blog. I love how you show what products you use for skin care/beauty. I also like how you wouldn’t promote something unless you actually liked it/ used it. Could you show food that’s you would eat if you only had a little bit of Marcos left for the day Or foods that are macro friendly? I like how you tag the brand of things you wear in the pictures, it makes it easier to find them. You and Stephen are hilarious to watch on instastories, wouldn’t mind seeing more of that too.

  8. Lauren says:

    Your IG account/blog is one of my favorites. It’s extremely relatable. A few years back, I started following some girls for fitness and fashion and now they’ve gone super professional, their photos aren’t relatable and their clothes are out of this world expensive (workout and daily), and that’s super frustrating. Just when I was getting tired of IG for fitness and fashion, I stumbled across your page. I love that you’re keeping it real! Your lifestyle, photos and videos keep me inspired and motivated. I’d love to see more workout videos/plans. What do you do on days that you don’t have a lot of time or you’re just too tired from work? What are some of your favorite workouts? Also, more about your meals/snacks and recipes, would be wonderful. And one more thing, you have a great sense of style too, keep tagging where you get your outfits, not just the fitness ones. Thanks so much for being awesome!

  9. Maddie says:

    I’d love it if you would keep up with the recipes and food/macro tips! I also love seeing workout gear hauls that are authentic and not just a fashion blogger sponsored by Nordstrom! I’d love to read about some of your workouts too!

  10. Laura says:

    Hey Girl,

    I love following you on Instagram and reading your blog. You keep things so real. I would love to see more health and fitness related posts. It keeps me motivated for my workouts. I also love hearing about your everyday routine and how you balance it all. You and Stephen together, are hilarious! By the way, I am also originally from the Midwest and say “you guys” all the time. My friends don’t get it, lol.

  11. Alexandra says:

    Hi Claire!
    Ok seriously ily and your blog! You’re the only reason I’m getting through night shifts and haven’t blown up to 200 pounds and you made me realize that being healthy and happy doesn’t mean dieting and restriction! You’re the greatest and you’ve been there with me (not literally but I’ve been following your blog and insta) through nursing school, externship, graduation, and now I am four days away from taking my NCLEX and you’re literally my role model…I need all your happy thoughts in hopes that I pass! I would love to see more content on balancing nursing and your healthy lifestyle (obvi) but also I would love to hear relationship advice! I’m super busy, in my early 20s, and am really pursuing a career that I love but it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to think about relationships…ya girl is single, can you tell? I really want that special guy to be my partner in life but I just don’t ever see that coming my way! You and Stephen are relationship GOALS so I would love your input on stuff like that! Ooh also I love your style for workout clothes and regular clothes, and I would love to hear more about your favorite scrubs and tennis shoes! Ok that’s it thanks for listening to my rambling, I’ve got to get back to studying!


  12. Juliana P says:

    Hi Claire!!!!! I recently found your IG andI’m loving IT!!!!! thanks for being so honest, funny and relatable! You and Steve are the cutest couple ever and you definitely need to get a dog lol. Me and my hubby have an English Bulldog and he is the cutesttttt lithe thing ever! he is so chubby and loves to cuddle!

    I love your IG because is very DIVERSE! and I think you should continue doing the same.. I love that you talk about macros, about gym routine and Bulldog yoga (loving the stairmaster routine BTW) and I also LOVE the fashion piece! you have great taste and I love to see your different outfits and use them as inspiration.

    Some topic suggestions below:
    a.Cheat meals: you have mentioned you like to consistently track your macros for 5 days and be more “flexible” during the weekend. Do you do cheat-meals? if yes do you try to track them just to see how far you are for your macros or you just enjoy them without even thinking if they fit.
    b.”macro-finds”: maybe once a week or once a month when you do your grocery shopping you can share with us your grocery haul and any good “macro finds”
    c. macro-friendly recipes: maybe a macro-friendly pumpkin pie lol, smoothies, protein bars

    2. “fall/winter pieces on a budget”:
    a. sweaters and scarfs under $30 that you find!
    b. coats under $50
    c. boots under $100

    3. Date/night ideas!

    🙂 hope you get a puppy soon!!!!
    Juliana (IG @countingmacronutrients)

  13. Hey Claire! Love your blog and the fact you’re so diverse in topics! I think you really provide value through talking about macros and how you built a presence through IG. I also think you’d provide a ton of value if you discussed more on macros and eating out, stuff that makes macros less intimidating.

  14. Dallas says:

    Hi Claire,

    First off I love your blog, insta everything. And I also appreciate you always answering any questions I’ve had whether it’s about working out food etc. I actually started counting macros and doing SSBM because of you and have lost over 12 pounds in almost 8 weeks. I feel the happiest/strongest I have ever felt and I have to give a big thanks to you!! One thing I’d really like to see is maybe more workout videos. On workouts you like to do whether it’s SSBM or anything else. Any streching, cardio, HIIT etc. I’m that weird person that likes working out with a guide/structure so I love learning new things. Keep up the amazing work!!! ?????

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog! I would love to hear more about time management and planning out your week as I also work in healthcare and find it hard to balance everything! Thanks

  16. Abigail says:

    I would love to see your favorite dinner and snack recipes! I am always looking for new ideas! Another thing I would love to see is your go to fall outfits and fashion accessories! Thanks for all your inspiration, I love reading your blogs! ??

  17. Erin says:

    Hi! I love your blog. I would love to hear more about time managment and how your plan your week. I also work in healthcare and find it hard to balance everything. Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Claire! First of all, I love following you!!! Your stories are always so cute/funny and I love how everything isn’t absolutely perfect, you give hope to those who have a job/life outside of fitness, nothing against the people who do work in fitness, but it is so nice to see results can be achieved without having to be in a gym 24/7.
    I would love some blog posts about different brands of athletic wear that you love, which pieces are your favorites, etc. Another option to consider if some of the pieces are better for warmer versus cooler weather:) Also, maybe a combination blog of where you show your favorite pieces that are your go to, and have it be from different brands, if that makes sense. Maybe some more macro friendly recipes? That are easy to count if you don’t use it all up at once? I tend to make bigger meals on the weekend and then just save them and eat them during the week to save time.
    I hope these help you:)
    I’ve really been liking the direction your blog has been going, I like little bits of everything! Best of luck:)

  19. Victoria.dib says:

    I’d love to learn more about how you and stephen manage financials toether..like if you guys have one account for the both of you or each has their bank account and just split the expenses etc.
    Also love all about the yoga journey and how you incorporate these workout into paos guide. Do you follow it exactly, or randomly pic your workout? Do you substitute boxing for like a full body day?


    • Victoria.dib says:

      Sorry if thats super personal! You dont have to but I am currently in a long term relationship and we’re looking into getting an apartment together so these thing are somewhat in my head right now.?

  20. Nikki says:

    Hi, Claire

    You’ve mentioned types of photos as an example of the feedback you’re looking for–I personally think a mix of professional and casual is good, so long as the whatever you’re promoting in the professional pics is something you truly enjoy, which I have no doubt you’re already doing. It is nice to see gym wear, supplements, etc. recommendations. I believe you mentioned a while back that in addition to following Paola’s macros and workouts you’re trying to grow your legs and glutes–a shared goal! Maybe some posts on how you’re going about that. Videos/blogs of top exercises you’re doing. Any “transformation” photos you can share as you have moved between cutting and bulking? Hope this is helpful!

  21. Sarah Pearson says:

    I have found your life so relatable and I’m so happy you have made it so tranparent through your Instagram.(also a nurse just trying to live a life outside the hospital while trying to be healthy but also love all of the foods) I love that your insta is super laid back and I love the not so professional looking photos there; however total respect for making your blog look so amazing- keep those professional looking photos here I love them! For things I would love to hear more about- definitely favorite recipes and tips on how to not get bored with eating and trying to hit macros. Also how did you know it was time to be done cutting? Keep the fitness and workout related stuff on your Instagram but I love seeing other parts of your life (Stephen posts, favorite outfits, etc) mixed in! Can’t wait to keep following while your brand evolves 🙂

  22. Zoe says:

    Hey Claire!! First off, just want to say that you are my favorite person to follow/interact with on IG. I’ve learned so much about my own fitness journey, life/balance, relationships, etc. through your IG, blog, and YouTube. I seriously look forward to watching your IG videos every day, so thanks for being so relatable and consistent with your content! Below are a few of the ideas I’ve come up with in terms of what I love to see:

    – Love the content with Stephen!! Posts with him help to show how you balance and prioritize work and fitness with your relationship. I know a lot of women out there struggle with enjoying a balanced lifestyle while still trying to reach their fitness goals. I’d love to see content on how you effectively balance this so that you and Stephen are both happy. I think this balance applies to other relationships too, like friends and family!
    – Would love a blog post or video about “where you came from” – so, how did you become interested in fitness and macros, how/when/why did you decide to start a fitness-focused Instagram and blog, what was it like being new to it, etc. Also were you dating Stephen when you started doing this and how did he/has he supported you through it?
    – I love love LOVE that you do videos on Instagram to share your daily life – it makes you feel so relatable so definitely keep that up. Even if it’s silly things that happen to you or just to say what you’re doing for or the day.
    – In terms of IG posts in general, I would prefer more candid lifestyle photos. Styled photos are fun here and there though, cause who doesn’t love to take professional photos!!
    – Something you could share on IG that is fitness related is your pre and post workout routine – related to warm ups, cool downs, stretching, foam rolling, etc. What do you do?
    – Date night ideas / things you and Stephen do for fun that don’t necessarily revolve around food. Obviously my boyfriend and I love to get dinner and drinks but we’re always looking for other ideas!
    – Tutorial on how you do your eye brows (unless that’s tmi… hehe!) on IG live or something. Including your fav products that you use! (this idea brought to you by your IG story today lol)

    Alright sorry for the long post, I just love your blog and IG and can’t wait to continue seeing awesome content. You clearly love what you do, and you exude that through your platforms. Thanks for being such a great role model to myself and others!

  23. I love how personable and down to earth you are! I admire how driven you are and how you make health a priority in your life, but als practice balance. It’s very refreshing to see. I would love to hear more about your career goals and your life as a nurse. Love your content!

  24. Tiffany Santoro says:

    Hey Claire! I love your blogs and IG stories! You’re the only person I actually want to watch everyday. And I think that’s because you’re so relatable and you don’t seem fake. I would love to see more recipes and more about clothes. But whatever you choose to talk about, I’m sure I will be listening!

  25. Marissa Madel says:

    I love how personable you are. I feel like people can relate to you because you are honest and that no one is perfect. I would love to see more workout videos of specific things that you do!

  26. Kara Podgorski says:


    I found you on IG a couple years ago and have been so inspired ! You are super relatable and juggle everything so well! When I realized that you were a nurse, it made me even more excited! I am in a fast track nursing program and it makes super positive that you can do all of this and work as a full time nurse!

    I would love for you to discuss how you juggle it all, time management, work, working out and making following a food program all at the same this. A busy schedule is hard to make it all work and you seem to do it so well. How do you focus your time ?

    Secondly, I would love to hear about what inspires you, what keeps you going. This lifestyle, working out and following macros is a full time job. What motivates you, keeps you focused ?

    Lastly, I would love to hear about future goals. What goals do you have in life, with your husband, fashion wise, lifestyle wise, dream vacations, workout goals? A future is something will all are working towards. Dreams are what keeps us going, what are yours?

    Thank you for inspiring me and entertaining with your Midwest ways! Chicago Pride !!!
    Kara Podgorski

  27. Jessica Ramirez says:

    I absolutely love seeing your Instagram posts! I love more of your lifestyle. Like you as a nurse and your relationship with Stephen. I think it makes your page better. It’s give us a look into your life besides all the fashion and workout stuff. You’re an awesome person and someone women can look up to!
    Good luck!

  28. Melissa garzon says:

    I love seeing your instagram post but want
    To know more about
    Snacks on the

  29. Julia Folio says:

    Hi it’s Julia Folio,
    I would love to see more information about self body image and self love. Also on how girls nowadays compare themselves to others on Instagram and how you deal with pressures to look a certain way and stuff like that. I know I deal greatly with self body image and would like to know how you cope or deal with thoughts like that. Also would love to learn more about how to wake up and start your day off better each morning and what your daily routine looks like and if you use any typical hypes out there such as fit tea, apple cider vinegar, or green tea. Thanks!!

  30. Samantha says:

    HI Claire,

    I would love more relationship/lifestyle blog posts. I enjoy your posts and chats with Steven. Your energy with each other is so cute.

    I also work in healthcare and would love to hear about what scrubs or outfits you like to wear for work.

    Possibly more content regarding macro counting, how to stay on track, and how to fit it into social lifestyle.

    I like how authentic you are and relatable, which is somewhat hard to find on Insta these days.

    Thank you!!!


  31. Carrie Suraci says:

    Hi Claire! I would love to see more from you regarding your career in Nursing. I’m a RN and know the emotional and physical drain it has on a person. To see you work 12 hour shifts and still manage to take care of yourself is inspiring! Love your uh stories btw!

  32. Kelsey says:

    Hey, Claire!

    I would love to see more fitness related content, i.e. macros, what you’ve learned since you started counting to now, workouts, etc. And more of you and Stephen! Y’all are hilarious together.
    I love how real, open, and relatable you are. That’s hard to find in social media these days. You’re a babe!

  33. Julia says:

    Hi there! I have been following you on IG for a while. I found you from a picture you posted when I was doing a random search and enjoyed your honesty and transparency. I will be honest and I like the more candid real photos that you do. I think your professional photos are very nice but I’m all about the real. I enjoy your IG stories and your husband makes me laugh. I also appreciate that you’re not just a “skinny” girl posting pictures but work very hard for what you have health wise and will share your wisdom.
    I would like to hear more about blogging and building your brand. I find the information really informative and helpful because I enjoy a good blog and IG account that keeps it real and would like to share my experiences and figuring out how to do that.
    I enjoy your workout gear. If you can maybe share what your workouts look like. It doesn’t have to be a play by play but maybe some of the types of things you do when it’s leg or ab day would be nice. Thank you for being real and open. I can’t wait to see more.

  34. Jess Whitman says:

    Hi! I love your blog so much! 🙂 As far as what content I would like to see more of- I personally LOVE ALL FOOD BLOGS LOL! And I LOVE YOUR APPROACH TO FOOD!!! I think seeing some more blog posts about snacks and food would be really fun and useful because I know from your Instagram stories and My Fitness Pal that you love Ritz crackers and those taco boats lol! I think it’s great that you have more unique snacks and recipes compared to most “fitness food blogs” that just make salads and oatmeal haha!

    I also think maybe more “story time” blogs would be fun to read! You and Stephen are ADORABLE!! I would love to read some funny stories you have about you and him or even just general stories about life in general! Everyone always has funny stories to tell 🙂

  35. Amy says:

    Hey Claire!
    I would love to see more about the following:
    1) How do you balance work and working out? I find it hard to stay motivated on workdays.
    2) Go to healthy Snacks and easy meal ideas.
    3) How do you keep yourself from getting in a rut with your workouts? I would like tips on how to keep working out fun.


  36. Micaela B says:

    I love your blog and thank you for doing this giveaway! Yay! I would love to see more fitness stuff obviously, but then more of Stephen and you is always welcome! There are plenty of topics within relationships and because you’re so relatable, I feel like this “real-life stuff” would be great to include more of. Also love these kind of posts about building your brand, even if it’s just your process and how you are figuring it out one step at a time. Super helpful! Love always hearing stories about how you got started, how you’ve grown, etc. cheers!

  37. Karleigh says:

    Hey Claire I’m a new follower, but I always look forward to your Insta stories! Always so genuine and relatable, which can be very hard to find on social media! I originally started following you because I recently started counting my macros and I was looking for all the advice I could get. I think you’ve covered that topic well, and continue to share on your Insta stories. Maybe you’ve already covered this but for new followers it would be nice to introduce yourself and give random facts about yourself that most people might not know! Everyone typically scrolls through their feed really fast and don’t always take the time to read a long paragraph but of they’re anything like myself then if it’s in bullet points it’s eye catching. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I would love to know little interesting facts about you! Xoxo karleigh

  38. Daisy Hernandez says:

    Hi Claire! I would love to see more lifestyle photos on Instagram. I also would love to see your simple go to snacks and lunches on IG. Maybe also once in a while add beauty/skincare posts on IG. Thanks for all the awesome content! Can’t wait to see more 🙂


  39. Kinsey says:

    Hey Claire! So this blog is…. my favorite!!! In the least creepy way, I look forward to checking in everyday. Your content is amazing and genuinely approachable/real- keep doing what you’re doing. When you don’t know what you’re doing, ideas:
    1. More exercise videos possibly linked with songs from playlist- workout inspo ??
    2. Can you talk about finances more as a young professional? Costs related to fitness for you- maybe plug sites, gyms, classes with some $$$ hacks. I know finances are personal, but I feel like balancing saving, spending, fitness, clothes , dates etc has me like AGH.
    3. Travel: always fun to hear travel successes and failures.
    4. When the time comes, babies. Kidding. Only kidding.
    Thank you! And tell Steven the dress with your knee high boots is cute. He will have to deal with you looking ?

  40. Samantha says:

    I love your IG currently! Personally I love fitness and food type content, but I also think it would be fun to see more relationships/life stuff. You are super relatable and it would be great to get to know you even more!

  41. Emily says:

    HI Claire! You’re so relatable and genuinely a good person. It’s. Ice to see that through your blogs/insta. I really like the blogs with Stephen. I also just like the day to day kind of posts. I loved reading about your honeymoon, wedding, vacas. I think everyday stuff is interesting to read when you can relate to the person. You’re doing a great job!

  42. Sadie says:

    Hi Claire! I recently discovered you on Instagram and love following your stories! Something I’d love to hear more about is structuring your diet and managing cravings. I know a lot of girls mid 20s-30s who are navigating the journey of food allergies & intolerances along with hormone imbalances, etc….I mean, we are all ladies here ? Bottom line is that you seem super transparent and relatable, so I’d love to know what you’d suggest when it comes to finding what routine, diet, lifestyle works best when there are so many outside factors and different “fad” diets!

  43. Eliza says:

    Hi Claire! I’ve been following you on IG for a while now, and I think you’re amazing! I love your IG stories (and really anything that you post) because you’re always very relatable. The pics you post are always really great, but I think the candid ones are the best. I’d love it if you could post more about skin care/beauty topics, tips, etc. And I really love your style (you always look super cute!) so it would be great if you could continue to post about where you shop, where your outfits are from, etc. Basically, keep doing what you’re already doing!

  44. Caroline says:

    Hi Claire!
    I am a nursing student, I also work part time as a PCA, and I try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthy. So, I really appreciate your IG posts and stories because you are proof that someone can work a 12 at the hospital and still eat healthy throughout the day and then come home and get a workout in.

    -I would love for you to talk a little more in-depth about your job/nursing in general. I’d also be really interested in knowing your daily/weekly schedule surrounding work, because for me if I’m working or have clinical on a certain day it’s safe to say I’m not going to get anything else done that day. So how do you plan for that? And how do you get the motivation to workout after work?!
    -Workouts – like specific exercises that you like and why, what sort of workouts you would recommend for fat loss versus muscle gain, etc
    -Pictures – I prefer the candid pics because they are relatable! I love seeing your IG stories when you first get home from work with your uniform and badge still on because I can relate lol
    -Your hubby – I’m interested to know more about him in general, also does he count macros and eat similarly to you? My SO has no interest in counting and is very picky when it comes to ‘healthy eating’ and it’s not realistic for me to make two different meals each night, plus having his snack food around the house are always so tempting for me!
    -Your home decor – I noticed your cow hide rug in a recent IG story, so cute! What does the rest of your place look like?
    – I really liked when you did the live IG and explained macros and answered questions and got your hubby involved too
    – I like hearing about your new workout interests, like Bulldog yoga. I used to do yoga a lot and I may try to get back into it and give Bulldog a try.
    – I’m not too interested in the beauty, skin care, hair, etc (although your hair always looks gorgeous!) because I use the same products/routine that I’m happy with. Although if I remember correctly you recommended micellar water awhile back and I did get that and love it!!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  45. Nt_fit96 says:

    I love all of your candid shots. Especially the fun ones outside look super nice. I enjoy reading about your personal experiences like struggles and successes. It’s always awesome to find someone you can relate to and realize you’re not the only one going through something. I also would love to see recipe ideas or anything food related if you’re interested in sharing that too! I hope you get some awesome ideas for direction through these comments 🙂

  46. Bridget Sonnemaker says:

    Claire, your IG stories are literally a part of my daily routine because we have so much in common and you post extremely relevant stuff. I count macros so seeing what specific brands of foods you buy is super helpful, or other macro tricks. It’s hard for me to stay on track because I’m an extremely picky eater so showing the foods you eat really helps! Also, I workout 5-6 days a week and follow a workout plan very similar to yours so I love when you talk about how you stay motivated for workouts and how you switch things up to challenge yourself. I also am in nursing school (4 semesters left!) so trying to stay balanced between macros, fitness and school can be frustrating. It’s nice to see how someone else balances it all out and it’d be nice to see more of that . I would really like to see more macro-friendly meals or recipes you like, workout tips and possibly, more about your career. I noticed you never rly talk about being a nurse and something you should really be proud of, especially as an ICU nurse. Talking about how you balance work would be really helpful.

  47. Sydney says:

    I would love to see more workout stuff and advice for macros!

  48. Megan Jamieson says:

    Hi Claire! What I like most about your IG is the variety, the little snippets of lifestyle, fitness, fashion, all work together so well. Personally I don’t follow you for solely fitness inspo, but the whole package of “ok here I’m at the gym” and then “this is me out to dinner with Stephen” and “here’s me wearing some cute clothes on our mini vacay for the weekend”. So what I guess I’m saying is I like the story. Variety is what keeps me coming back. Hope that helps ?. Cheers, Megan @meganiswhat

  49. Anonymous says:

    Love this!! This was such an interesting blog post to read. I just started my own blog and would love to see when and how you first started out. I’m getting so overwhelmed because I just wanna write it all in one post but I think it’s too much! Xo

  50. Christa says:

    Hi Claire!
    I fall in line with mostly everyone here – you’re super relatable, you’re not trying so hard that it comes off fake (you’re clearly being yourself), I love when your husband joins in on videos because it’s awesome to see relationships. I think some IG personalities hide their personal lives too much and that’s a shame. And you live in NC too! The reason I find that interesting, aside from also living here, it seems that a lot of the influencers live in NY or CA and for me that can be hard to relate to.

    For topics:
    Randomness lol

    Thanks for the fun and interactive IG & blog!

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