My Favorite Workout Apparel Brands

My Favorite Workout Apparel Brands

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you some of my all time favorite work out brands! I mean, who isn’t always on the hunt for cute workout clothes? While all these brands are cute (duh), these are also ones that I have found to be the best quality for the price. I used to be someone who felt like it was ridiculous to spend $100+ on a pair of workout leggings, and while I don’t spend that much all the time I’ve definitely seen the difference in quality over the years. So I like to think I’ve been able to nail down brands that are worth the extra money, and then finding other brands that are priced more reasonable but still are really durable and hold up over time.

For starters, my main go-to for most of my workout clothes is Sculptique, since they carry so many of my favorite brands! It’s nice that they are a one-stop shop, and you aren’t necessarily having to go to several different websites. Ordering everything from them makes it EASY. (PS. If you ever order from them you can use CLAIRE20 for a discount–even on sale items!)

Alright so let’s dive into the actual brands. (PS. Some of these photos are older aka I have long brown hair haha, but I wanted to try and show you pieces from each brand!)

  1. Alala. Alala is a brand that is discovered several years ago and was the first higher quality/more expensive brand I tried. And since my first pair of leggings from them, I’ve been hooked! Their leggings are all super flattering and they have perfect pieces for athleisure. So even though they are a little more expensive, I’ve had several pairs of their leggings for years now and they still have the same great shape and feel. And the fact that so many of their pieces can be worn outside the gym makes me feel a little more comfortable spending more money. Super versatile! Everything I have purchased from here seems to fit true to size! I’ve purchased Alala directly from their website, from Carbon38, and from Sculptique (code CLAIRE20)!

    Entire set Alala.

    Entire set Alala.

  2. PE Nation. PE Nation is a brand that I first discovered through Sculptique’s website. At first I was a little hesitant since they are a more expensive brand but I’m so glad I tired them. I feel like all their leggings are very flattering–they are all pretty much very high-waisted and really hold everything in, in the right places LOL. I also feel like their patterns and prints just make you feel like a badass! Every time I put on one of their sets I just feel so much more pumped for the gym. I know that may sound silly, but having workout clothes that you feel great is a big part of helping you stay motivated (at least IMO). They also have really cute t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets that are great for athleisure/running errands. So far all my PE Nation has come directly from Sculptique.

    Entire outfit including jacket is PE Nation. All PE Nation I’ve purchased from Sculptique (use code CLAIRE20)

    Entire otufit PE Nation

  3. Carbon 38. So Carbon 38 is a brand that I just tried recently, and I have to say–I fell in love with their pieces! Carbon 38’s website carries a ton of brands (similar to Sculptique) but they also have their own brand. They have really great sales, and that’s where I first tried 2 of their pieces from. The leggings were super flattering–high-waisted (of course) and stayed up the entire workout. I also tried a lighter color as you can see in the photos below and you couldn’t see sweat or an underwear line through them. I also love that their pieces can double as athleisure and don’t look as workout-y. While I love PE Nation, their workout clothes definitely embody more of a workout vibe whereas brands like Alala, Carbon 38, and Alo Yoga are more in the athleisure realm. Again, some of their leggings and crops/sports bras are more expensive but the quality and versatility make up for it! Plus their website, in general, tends to have really good sales!

    Entire set Carbon38

  4. Zella. This is the Nordstrom brand of athletic wear that I first discovered when I did Trunk Club. Their prices are definitely more affordable and I feel like the quality is still really good! Their leggings were very form fitting and flattering. They also have other pieces, like their jackets, that make for great athleisure pieces. If you’re looking for a brand that is a little more affordable but still really good quality I would definitely check them out. I shared a few of Zella’s pieces in my Trunk Club athleisure blog post which you can read about here if you’re interested!

    Entire outfit is Zella.

  5. Alo Yoga. This is a brand that I’ve heard a ton of good things about but didn’t try until recently. I don’t have any of their leggings, but the tops I’ve ordered I really like! Again, they make for great athleisure pieces so I love how versatile they are. Their pieces also have really fun additions to make them not as “boring” or “standard.” I love the detailing on the pink long sleeve and the cutouts in the sweatshirt below. I know in general the brand is a little more expensive, but I found a great zip-up jacket and the shirt below for really good prices thanks to the sales at Carbon 38! So far the only pieces I have from them are from Carbon 38–I haven’t purchased from Alo’s website yet but I’ll definitely be there soon eyeing what pieces to grab next!

    Sweatshirt and leggings are Alo

    Crop is Alo Yoga from Carbon38; Leggings are Alala. (Fannypack is Rebecca Minkoff)

    Hoodie is Alo Yoga from Carbon38. Sports bra and legging are Alala. Sunglasses Marc Jacobs


  6. Varley. This is a brand that I originally discovered through Sculptique’s (code CLAIRE20) website as well. I’ve tried a bunch of different sets from them, and I’ve really loved all of them! They also have a ton of cute prints and styles when it comes to their leggings and crops. A lot of their crops are great for athleisure type pieces, and they also carry sweatshirts and jackets that can easily blend with your non-gym wardrobe.

    Entire outfit Varley from Sculptique (code CLAIRE20)

    Entire outfit Varley from Sculptique (code CLAIRE20)


  7. Lulu Lemon. Okay this may be on everyone’s list BUT I will be honest–I only recently (like in the last year) tried Lulu lemon because I just assumed they were overpriced. I was definitely wrong though! While their stuff is obviously more expensive, I definitely notice the quality difference in their pieces. I also never seem to have a camel toe in any of their leggings so I feel like that is worth the price in itself LOL. Also, their leggings are ridiculously soft (especially the Align legging as we all know haha), but I also love their in movement 7/8 legging  which I have in black and mystic green. I have 4 pairs of lulu leggings but have been super impressed with all of them and definitely think they are worth the price!
  8. Rokwolf. This one is a no-brainer! Obviously, I’m a little biased because of the Rokwolf x CG crops, BUT the reason that the collaboration happened was partly because I was such a huge fan of the brand from the beginning! Rokwolf has been go-to’s for an everyday elevated casual/athleisure. Their pieces are all these gorgeous neutral colors that work both in and out of the gym. I like their tanks to workout in, and the rest of their pieces are perfect for traveling or everyday wear. Also, their fabric for their tops (Pima cotton) is literally THE softest fabric ever! And I’m not exaggerating LOL. This was something that stood out to me from the beginning. Really good quality, so soft, and while a little more expensive, it’s more reasonable than a lot of other brands I’ve shared. So a really good price for the quality you’re getting!

    Crop is Rokwolf from Rokwolf x CG collection. Leggings are Lulu align.

    Crop is Rokwolf from Rokwolk x CG collection. Joggers are Rokwolf as well.


    Racerback is Rokwolf in Urban Grey. Leggings Alala.

  9. Onzie. This is another brand that I found through Sculptique that I’ve grown to love over the years. I’ve found that their prices are definitely more reasonable/affordable, but still think their pieces are really good quality. They have a combination of prints and patterns, to solid colors. Overall I think that they are a great brand with a lot of cute options to choose from when it comes to color and patterns, and they won’t break the bank!

    Entire set Onzie

  10. Goldsheep. If you’re looking for the ultimate fun patterns and prints, Goldsheep is your go-to! Goldsheep has each season and holiday covered. They always come out with designs to go with each holiday and season, plus their other collections (ie. safari, bridal, retro ski, etc). The fabric is super stretchy, so I feel like it works great for all heights. I’m 5’9″ and am able to stretch them out long enough for my legs! I’ve gotten Goldsheep from their website and from Sculptique. PS. They also just came out with a high waist legging which I am dying to try!

    Crop and Leggings are Goldsheep.

    Entire outfit Goldsheep

  11. Joah Brown. Yet another brand I found via Sculptique (I told you guys they have a ton of good brands!!) They don’t have a ton of actual workout apparel per say BUT they are my go-to for basics when it comes to athleisure. Think neutral colored crop tops, tanks, long sleeves for layering, an everyday white tee, etc. Their prices are also reasonable which is great. All their pieces are super simple but great closet additions. Perfect to throw over your sports bra, or perfect to pair with jeans if you’re wanting an everyday casual look.

    Tank is Joah Brown from Sculptique

Are of these brands your guys’ favorites as well? Or any that you really love but I missed? Share your favorites with me!




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