5 Easy Fall Trends To Incorporate Into Your Closet

5 Easy Fall Trends To Incorporate Into Your Closet

There have been a lot of requests for more style-inspired posts so I thought it would be fun do one on trends for this fall! The ones I picked are all ones that I’ll personally be doing and none of them require a total closet makeover. These are easy things that you can slowly start incorporating and wear going into the winter months!

Camel (colored) Jacket: I bought this camel colored trench last year from Zara and I never realized how much I would wear it until I actually had one! I feel like jackets in the fall and winter can be tricky–you don’t always feel like wearing a bigger coat every day but you still want to be relatively warm. I mean, I get that we need to break out the puffy coats when temperatures get really cold but let’s be honest, those jackets typically aren’t doing our outfit any favors LOL. The camel is a great neutral that goes with anything, and I feel like it automatically elevates your look. Plus, it’s a little heavier than something like a leather jacket so it’s still keeping you relatively warm.

Booties: How many pairs of booties do I have in my closet you ask? A lot. What can I say? They are super versatile and they are trend that keeps coming back season after season. Investing in a good pair of booties is definitely worth it. The pair I’m wearing here are the ECCO Shape Sculpted Motion (from ECCO, obviously!). Earlier this year I raved about how comfortable and cute sneakers from ECCO were, and so I figured their booties would be no different. And, I was right! These are incredibly comfortable, flexible and durable. I went with a classic black bootie with a 1” heel and a rounded toe. I feel like this style is perfect for day to day and can be dressed up with something like the camel coat, or can be worn with jeans and a graphic tee or oversized sweater. ECCO has a ton of variety when it comes to their booties. A variety of heel heights, toe shapes, and ankle height. If you had to pick one item from this blog post, investing in a good pair of booties would be my pick!

Jewel Tones: You may have noticed in my collection with Voda Boutique that everything was neutral except for jewel tone colored pieces! I usually opt for all neutrals for any season as they are very versatile and easy to mix and match. Going into fall though, the jewel tones, like deeper reds and greens, are definitely the colors I’ll be incorporating. I love the sweater I’m wearing here as it’s more of a muted jewel tone and can really go with a lot of pieces.

Plaid: I feel like plaid is kind of a classic when it comes to fall, but every season I’m into it! It’s an easy piece to incorporate into your wardrobe whether it’s through a flannel, a skirt, or a button-down.

Darker hair: As you know, I recently went to the dark side for fall 😉 I had been blonde for so long (which I loved) but with fall coming up I felt like it was just time to mix it up! I always love changing up my hair so going full on brunette was fun for me, but you can still embrace the brunette side for fall without making as dramatic of a change. Adding some lowlights to your current highlights is a way to add some of that darker warmth without changing up your whole hair color/routine.

Are there any other trends you’ll be wearing this fall? Share with us below! xxC

Thank you to ECCO for sponsoring this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own. 



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