Our Experience Getting a Second Dog

Our Experience Getting a Second Dog

So! As you probably know, about a month ago we came home with our second Goldendoodle, Oz! For the last year, we had been debating getting a second dog but we weren’t quite ready to make an official decision. Plus, we wanted to wait until Fritz got a little bit older (ie. at least a year) before introducing another dog into the mix. Earlier this year I then asked you over IG what your experience had been like adding a second dog and basically every single person said it had been amazing. So, we decided to go for it. We contacted our breeder and we knew Fritz’s parents were having another liter later in the year so we put our name on the list. And here we are!

I’ll first just say this: we are so happy we got a second dog! They already play so much together and I feel like Fritz isn’t just bored around the house anymore LOL. And honestly, it hasn’t really been any extra work with two dogs. You can take them out at the same time, feed them at the same time, walk them at the same time (when Oz is old enough), etc. The only thing that is extra is the financial part, which I don’t think is too terrible. The main additional cost is when we go out of town, and we will either need to board them or have someone house sit. It’s definitely easier when you just have one dog but we feel like if that is really the only inconvenience, it’s worth it! Other additional costs is obviously the vet, but both dogs have insurance (through Nationwide) and it’s $40 a month and covers a lot of those costs. So we can handle that!

As far as the two dogs getting along…I don’t want to say the first few days were rough because they didn’t fight or anything like that. But Fritz basically just ignored Oz and would occasionally growl if Oz got too close (like if we were laying on the couch and Fritz was laying with us and we got Oz on the couch too, Fritz didn’t love that LOL). But otherwise, there were very few “issues.” After the 3rd-4th day, they were playing with each other and now they are best buds. Oz climbs on top of Fritz, they play tug-a-war, they even sleep next to each other. In fact, Oz stole Fritz’s bone earlier today and started chewing it and Fritz just let him have it haha. They haven’t been aggressive at all. Everyone said that their two dogs are now best friends also–it just took them a few weeks to warm up. So if you’re thinking of getting a second one, it may take more than a few days for them to start playing, but it will happen! It’s so sweet that they have each other and I love that they both have a playmate. And honestly, in that case it’s less work for Stephen and I since they entertain each other.

We are crate training Oz (like we did Fritz), so basically every night he goes in the crate. We at first put him in their for periods during the day too, but then just switched to at night. We wanted to get him into a good routine, but we figured as long as he crate trained in general, and we take him out to go to the bathroom consistently every hour or so, he will get on a good routine soon enough! And yes, I’m sure there are better ways to train a dog (we’re looking into a trainer through our vet) but we’re just doing what we can at home for now. I also think the puppy catches on quicker when it comes to potty training because they take after the other dog that is already trained. So that helps too.

So my overall verdict is that if you’re thinking of getting a second dog, go for it! Based on our experience so far and everyone’s feedback, it’s definitely worth it 🙂



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