Thoughts For Going Into 2020

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on writing anything regarding resolutions, or what my goals are for 2020. But this morning I woke up and felt like sharing. Not anything about resolutions or goals, but a different kind of message.

I will first say, if you’re reading this thank you. Because of you, your support, and interest in what I do on here, I am able to do a job that I truly love and I genuinely find joy in helping you live your best life.

Overall, 2019 was a great year for me. Was it perfect? Absolutely not. I definitely went through some things in my personal life especially that were tough but overall I feel so grateful and blessed. And I am not one to use the word blessed lightly LOL, but I really do feel that way. I was able to work full-time on my blog, grew my team, Stephen and I got to travel to some amazing places (Italy and Hawaii were definitely highlights!), Stephen started Tier 3 and graduated with his Bachelor’s, I hit my yearly revenue goal for my blog, we got Oz, overall we were healthy (despite the last 6 weeks of the year LOL). In between all these highlights there were plenty of moments of stress, hard work, uncertainty, self-doubt…the list goes on. But I know that all those things are part of the process in order to get to the things we end up celebrating. So for that, I am thankful!

Not all years have been this great and I know that future years like this aren’t guaranteed. With that being said, if you had a great year I encourage you to really cherish it. So often we take what we have for granted and don’t acknowledge it until something goes wrong or it’s taken away. So celebrate your wins, and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. That doesn’t mean that you have to be satisfied and can’t reach for more in 2020 but really focus on appreciating how far you’ve come and what a great year it was.

On the other hand, maybe 2019 was a shitty year, or maybe you had a lot of moments that you wish you could take back. As you move into 2020 maybe you’re feeling like you can’t ever move forward, that you’re just stuck, or that things will “never be different.” I feel you. Despite having a good year, I have had plenty of moments where I’ve felt stuck. I’ve felt like everyone else is doing more. Everyone else is more successful. It seems so easy for “her” so why is it so hard for me?

Really take in what I’m about to say here. Like I talked about in my stories the other day (saved in this highlight), doing anything worthwhile is HARD. So if you’re feeling like you’re struggling starting a business, being a mom, creating healthier habits….THAT’S NORMAL. Despite what it looks like on the outside (ie. social media), everyone has their struggles and I promise you that the people who you look up to have had plenty of setbacks, struggles, frustations, etc. But the difference that sets them apart is that they moved forward; they kept going regardless of how hard things got or how many times they failed. And the beauty of a lot of it is if you’re willing to put in the work and be consistent–you can have anything you want. Will it be easy? Hell no. But is it possible? Yes! Again, nothing that is worth it will be easy. If that was the case, then everyone would do it.

This is why I ended the year with my tattoo “forward” –it is a constant reminder to me that no matter how frustrated, discouraged, or disappointed I feel about something I only have two options. I can feel bad for myself, say why even bother because things will never be different and then just stop trying all together. OR I can just keep going forward towards creating the best version of myself. I know that failure comes with doing hard things and when you accept that it’s part of the process, you keep moving forward despite that.

Whether you had a great year or not, we all struggle. I hope this helps you realize that failure is part of life and that progress is not linear. I think about my own “fitness journey” for example. How 4 years ago (when I created my IG account) I was working out 6x a week, then I moved into working out that often and counting macros to the point where I hosted a macro challenge. Then I moved into a period where I took a break from weight training and just tried new workouts for fun, and stopped counting macros. And now as we move into January, I’m excited to get back into weight training (and still doing barre!) and I’ll be counting macros as part of my January reset. The old me would have thought that I was “slacking” or not doing a “good enough” job. But as time as gone on, I’ve realized that just because priorities shift, and you change how you approach goals doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. To me, success is working towards the things in life that will bring you joy and fulfillment in that season, and being able to let go of things that are no longer serving you.

As you go into 2020 know that you are capable of anything you truly set your mind to. Will you fail? Yes. Will your progress be this perfectly straight, linear line? No. Will there be times you feel like giving up? Of course. But will it be worth it? 100%


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