My Hair Washing Schedule + How To Keep Hair Fresh Between Washes

I think two of the most FAQs I get are “how often do you wash your hair?” and “do you wash your hair after every workout?!” So today I thought I was would share my hair washing schedule plus some tips and products I use to keep my hair looking fresh in between washes. I mean, let’s be honest, the fewer times a week we can wash our hair and still look presentable, the better!

On average I wash my hair about 2x per week. I don’t necessarily have specific days, but usually, it gets washed about every 4 days depending on what’s going on that week. For example, if I’m on the 3rd or 4th day but I know the next morning I’m going to have a really sweaty workout, I’ll just push it out an extra day. If you’re currently washing your hair every day, or every other day, try to start prolonging your washes just one day longer. The less often you wash your hair, the more you can start training it to withstand time between washes. So try going one extra day and then use some of these other products and tips that I’ve about to share 🙂

Before diving into products, one thing that I always do after a workout is blow dry my hair. After my workout and shower my hair underneath (by my neck) is usually pretty wet/sweaty haha. So I just flip my head over after the shower and blow-dry underneath. This obviously helps dry the hair but gives it some extra volume too.

Afterwards, I go ahead and put in dry shampoo (I use this one from Virtue. Code CLAIRE20 for any of their products). I love theirs because it blends super easily (I never have any residue show up) and it’s not sticky at all. Even before I massage it in with my fingers, it doesn’t feel nearly as sticky as other brands I’ve tried. Their dry shampoo also has their patented Alpha Keratin 60ku®  which is a pure, human protein. Essentially, your hair recognizes this protein as one from your own body and pulls it where needed to repair your hair. So overall their products are actually making your hair healthier in the process.

If my hair is curled, I love then throwing in some texture spray for some added volume, and whether my hair is curled or straight the lifting powder really helps add volume at my roots. Overall, blow-drying my hair and adding the dry shampoo does the trick but these are just a couple extra products I’ll sometimes use especially if it’s been several days from when I last washed my hair.

At the end the day, I highly recommend just trying to prolong washing your hair one extra day and blow-drying it plus using dry shampoo! I feel like those are the biggest keys for me in helping my hair go longer between washes. Any other tips you can share?! Would love to hear. xxC


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