Quarantine Daily Routine

Hi guys! I wanted to share today (per some requests) what my schedule has been like during quarantine. I feel like we are all trying to find our new normal, and even though I’m used to working from home my schedule has been looking a little different. I don’t know about you guys, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) I feel like I am kind of getting used to just being at home 24/7. I think that I’ve finally just accepted that this is the new normal for now. The first couple weeks at home all the time felt really weird but the more it becomes a habit, I feel like the days at home become easier to handle (mentally). If that makes sense? Anyway, onto the daily routine and schedule.

Pre-quarantine, I’d wake up between 6:30-7:30am. Honestly, these days I’ve been sleeping until 7:30-8:30am. My work load hasn’t really changed too much (thankfully), but the fact that I’m not taking time out of my day to run errands, go to the gym, meet up with friends, etc. allows for me to have more time during the day to get my actual work done. So no, I don’t feel bad sleeping in during these days!

Most days look pretty similar after waking up. I have a more leisurely breakfast, Stephen and I spend some time together, and then I usually workout late morning and then we take the dogs for a walk. I’ve still been working out about 5x a week because it just helps me feel more normal, and it’s been a great stress reliever for me. Workouts, and taking long walks outside with the dogs have been super helpful mentally–it breaks up the day from sitting in the dining room working or watching Netflix on the couch LOL. I know you may not feel motivated right now to workout at home or do things that are part of your normal routine, but I feel like the sooner you can start incorporating those things and making them habits in this “new normal” the better you will feel.

Once my workout is done and the dogs are walked, I go ahead and get ready for the day. At this point it’s usually like noon but I still get ready haha. I either get dressed in cute loungewear, or comfy “normal clothes.” I still do my makeup almost every day. Again, it just personally makes me feel better and puts me in a different headspace. I am more likely to be in “work mode/get shit done mode” if I get ready vs. being in my pajamas and makeup-less. This is just what works for me personally! For you, it may look different and that is totally okay. If you don’t get ready and you’re still killing it and feeling good, then that’s awesome. But if you feel like you’re having trouble staying focused during the day, try getting ready like you normally would!

For the rest of the day, it’s pretty much business as usual. Writing blogs, creating IG content (or TikTok videos ;)), work calls, etc. So that part of my day hasn’t changed. Except now I’m just having to create everything from home. I typically stop working around 6pm, and Stephen and I will then take the dogs on another walk and “talk about our day.” I mean, yes we are together in the house the whole time haha, but Stephen usually works upstairs in the office and I work downstairs in the dining room. There is the occasional day where we will spend more time together if we’re shooting content (in the house LOL) but overall we are separated during the day each working on our own things.

After we take the dogs on their nightly walk, we make dinner and watch Netflix haha. So usually from 7/8pm-10/11pm we’re hanging out, making dinner, and watching a show. Aaaand that is my day! Overall I am trying to stick to my normal schedule as much as possible, but definitely have been more relaxed in some areas. Ie. sleeping in some, treating myself to rosé almost every night lol. For me, I have found that sticking to my normal routine is the most helpful for me to feel my best physically and mentally, but also not being too hard on myself. If I want to sleep in and have slower mornings, not a big deal. This will honestly probably be the only time that I can do things like that so I’m just taking advantage of what I can in a shitty situation.

How has your routine changed at all since all of this started? One last thing I will say, is I think it’s important to cut yourself some slack–not everything is going to be “normal.” However, don’t use this time as an excuse to let everything go to shit. This time will pass. Don’t use it as an excuse to never workout, eat like crap, watch Netflix all day etc. When this passes, I think it’s important to be able to look back at your time and know that you did the best you could despite the circumstances xxC


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