Fall Essentials To Complete Your Wardrobe With Trunk Club

Fall Essentials To Complete Your Wardrobe With Trunk Club

As the season changes so do our wardrobes. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of style, but one thing I am not particularly good at is buying pieces that actually make outfits when put together. I’ll buy 4 separate things that don’t work together, which leaves statement pieces hanging in my closet for months before I wear them. After having many items in my wardrobe still with tags on, I’ve learned my lesson. I need to be strategic! Enter TrunkClub. If you have been hanging around with me for a while you’ll know I’ve used this service for date night looks and athleisure looks. After chatting with me about what I’m looking for, my stylist will send through items that both work with my current wardrobe or as outfits on their own.

Here’s how the service works:

Basically, you pick a baseline Trunk, for example, “Lightweight Layers”, “The Office Refresh” or based on a brand “Madewell”, “J. Crew” etc. So many good ideas! Then you get hooked up with a stylist (my stylist is Heidi and she’s been amazing for all of the Trunks I’ve received:) ). You’ll go through a quick little quiz to share a bit about your personal styles and then your Trunk Club stylist will build outfits for your to review/love AND your stylist will replace items you don’t like or maybe already have something similar in your closet. Your stylist shows you multiple ways to wear the same pieces within difference outfits with their wardrobe feature –super helpful! Together you build FULL outfits *ding ding ding* this is why I’m in love, and then they send you a lovely box of clothes! If you don’t buy a single item you’ll be charged a $25 fee for the stylist’s help (she’s worth it) and if you buy anything then there’s no fee! Crazy right? They also make returning the package super simple.

Okay so this go around I chose a Fall Essentials themed Trunk and was actually waiting impatiently for the mailman to arrive at the door with my box I was so excited lol!

Alright, outfit 1:

MOTHER -The Hustler Sidewinder High Waist Slit Jeans ($178.50), Joie Landyn Blouson Sleeve Sweater ($186), Madewell – Circle Statement Earrings ($28), Urban Originals -Be Yourself Vegan Leather Black Bucket Bag ($88), Madewell – The Willa Loafer Mule ($128)

The title of the jeans is what drew me in (MOTHER Hustle Sidewinder Jeans) but the look and comfort are what I’m keeping them for! Do you remember back in the 90s when bellbottom jeans were a thing?! (If you don’t and you’re too young please don’t tell me lol). I loooove that look, I always thought it made my legs look more dimensional versus super long so the fact that they’ve come back into style is really quite exciting. My stylist really nailed it with this look.

With Trunk Club, they not only send you staples like a cozy (not itchy) sweater, but also cute, detailed earrings and the perfect transition shoes –Mules! They cover my toes so it’s not AS summery, but it’s still light in color and breathable. Not too summery, not too fall-y. Transition shoe!


Okay, outfit 2:

Madewell – Grey Sweater ($69.50), J-Crew – Factory Plush Fleece Excursion Vest ($82.20), MOTHER – The Insider Crop Jeans ($157.75), Halogen – Skylar Pointy Toe Bootie ($119.95)

Of course, I fell in love with the crew vest. I actually really wish I had had it for our trip to the mountains. It’s a perfect in-between layer for when chill mornings turn to warm afternoons. The pieces that my stylist, Heidi, pulled work fantastic together. They allow me to later and fall into the fall-is theme without feeling too bundled up. I paired the loose-fitting grey sweater under the vest and contrary to my fear it didn’t look too bulky at all. The vest actually flatters the flowy sleeves super well. Add some little black booties and you’re on your way to a lunch date, work, the mall, happy hour or anywhere really! I’ll be wearing them with many more outfits. And if you don’t own a pair of black booties, what are you doing with your life?! 😉 But really, as your Trunk Club stylist to include a few options in your next (or first!) Trunk and they’ll hook you up.

And last but not least, outfit 3:

Sole Society -Wide Brim Wool Hat ($44.95), ALLSTAINTS – Balfern Leather Biker Jacket ($373.50), Madewell Central Drapey Shirt ($85), MOTHER – The Insider Crop Jeans ($153.75), Halogen – Skylar Pointy Toe Bootie ($119.95)

I love a good jean and bootie combo, they just look so cute together! And can we talk about this hat? This is where I am super appreciative for the Trunk Club service and Heidi’s eye. I love how these hats look on other people but I’ve never felt 100% comfortable enough to venture into buying one of my own. But after seeing this one, I felt like it was calling my name! It said “Claire, try to be trendy okay?” and so here I am and I actually really like it! I think it’s sooo cute, and I can’t wait to wear it more this fall. Especially with this leather jacket which kinda makes me feel badass in a super sophisticated way.

My closet feels super refreshed with all these versatile pieces and I’m totally set for fall! Thank you TrunkClub!! Interested in trying out Trunk Club? Sign up here to get started!



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