Top Blogs of 2018

2018 was honestly a really great year! I found some serious balance in health and fitness, attempted a bulk, we had our first anniversary, moved into the house, started a podcast and got Fritz. Today I’m listing my most read blog posts in 2018! Just incase you missed them or wanted to catch up before the new year. Based on my analytics, they are worth the read 😉

Here goes!

10 What To Consider When Cutting (more like Chopping) your Hair and How to Get the Most Volume

I almost made a fatal error when getting my hair cut..

My Experience with Bulking and Why I Stopped

I thought cutting was hard..until I tried bulking! It was almost more devastating but 300g of carbs was fun while it lasted LOL

8 How Alcohol Fits Into Your Health & Fitness Routine

I have 2 non-negotiables for drinking. Set a limit and drink water along the way.

7 How To Pose/Take Good (Instagram) Photos

You can never have enough content. *Cue Stephen groaning about me asking him to take another photo

6 Custom Athleisure Looks

Do you even workout if you don’t live in workout clothes?

5 I’m Doing A Bulk! The Why, The Process and FAQs

More on the bulk! More carbs! More fat! More protein….that was hard

4 How To Gain Weight + Build Lean Muscle

What I would say takes the most discipline. You NEED to be counting macros to make this happen. Luckily I have lots of tips for you on that.

3 What To Do When You Don’t Have Time to Workout

There are too many other fun things in life..like donuts! And Fritz!

2 My Plastic Surgery Experience

I get it, I read like 30 blog posts and watched 74 youtube videos on this too.

1 How To Feel Confident When Your Body is Changing

And last but not least….I’m SO happy this one was most popular! I loved writing it and I’m glad you guys like reading it!

Thanks so much for your support on the blog this year guys! I’m excited to continue to write more in 2019. Any and all blog post ideas are always welcomed!!



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